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farmers are embracing safe and natural ways of agriculture. The population of the world is increasing day by day and farmers are under huge pressure to cater to the increase in food supply. This is the reason why they are now open to new and innovative ways of farming that are natural, safe and reliable.

The Benefits Of Integrated Farming

Environmental Concerns Affecting Agriculture…

The world has been plagued with health and environmental concerns for the past few years now. It is important for you to be aware of food supply that is safe and reliable. Industries and societies will be benefitted in this way for a long time. When it comes to the environmental concerns of the world, you will find that the decreasing food supply, change of climate, carbon footprint etc are also problems for the agricultural community as well.

Now the question is what is the solution to the above problem? Geoffrey Morell – the co-founder of Weston A Price Foundation and P.A Bowen Farmstead states that the above problem can only be addressed with the aid of comprehensive solutions that maximizes the resources and reduces the waste. It is here that you should be aware of the need for sustainable agriculture that is the need of the day. This can be embraced with the adoption of integrated farming.

Integrated Farming- Safe and Holistic Way of Farming

 This means a holistic way of farm management that is a system where nature plays a primary role when it comes to raising and taking care of the plants and animals in the farm. If you take a look at the system in detail, you will find that this form of farming involves the optimizing of the natural resources available for agriculture. This covers the energy that is used for farming, the human resources that are living on the farm, the usage of water, its preservation, the quality of the air management system, the nutrition and the protection of the crop, the management of soil, the raising of livestock, the management of waste, control of pollution , landscaping and health.

Safe and Reliable Farming

He says that when the above means are embraced and adopted the quality of farming is safer and reliable. There is a vast improvement as in the process only natural means are used and optimized. He says that the nutrients that are available in the organic matter are also optimized as they are recycles and reused in the activities of the farm. Here, you will find that the diversity of the farm is also achieved and this gives birth to bio-diversity. It makes the species more resilient to the weather and pests.

Geoffrey Morell says that the benefits of integrated farming are now coming to light and more and more farmers are joining the bandwagon. There are some challenges that are involved in the process of integrated farming as well as opportunities that sync both science and technology to work together  in this field.

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