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Types Of Work Injuries That Qualify For Worker's Compensation

Accidents can be classified into two types: occupational and non-occupational. An occupational injury is something that happens at work, like slipping on the floor and twisting your ankle because the office janitor had not left a caution sign. There are many companies that offer financial compensation for these injuries, including covering long-term treatment. A non-occupational injury is something that happens outside of work, like a dog bite or a fall at home.

Workers in the United States can get workers’ compensation if they have an occupational accident. Perhaps they got injured at work or worked at a dangerous job site. Benefits are payable for up to 26 weeks, depending on the type of injury.

Workers’ compensation is for people who get hurt while at work if they can show that they weren’t at fault when they got hurt. There are many types of work injuries that qualify for this benefit, and the most common ones include carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injury, and herniated discs.

How to Apply for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Although a workers’ compensation plan provides benefits to employees who are injured on the job or get sick from work-related hazards, you must have worked for the same company for at least a year and worked in a risky job or been exposed to unusual risks while doing your job to qualify for these benefits.

If you’ve been injured or sick at work, you should ask your employer if you’re eligible. If your boss refuses to pay for your injury although it qualifies as a workplace injury, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you. They know about employee rights and how to get you compensated for any loss of earnings or medical bills. An attorney can help you file an injury claim and get compensation from your employer.

What Types of Work Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

Workplace injuries are common, and they range from back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome to life-threatening illnesses or injuries caused at work or because of your job. However, an injured worker needs to prove they were hurt on the job to qualify for workers’ compensation. 

There are many diverse types of work injuries that qualify for workers’ compensation. For example:

* Injury from falls of at least six feet

* Injury from sharp objects or falling equipment

* Injury from exposure to hazardous substances

* Injury from sudden movements or jerks

* Injury from lifting heavy weights

* Injury from contact with burning hot or freezing cold objects

If you recently sustained any such injuries at work, it’s possible you qualify to receive compensation. Talk to a lawyer in your area about the specific details of your case.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits and How to Apply

Employers provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees who get sick or injured on the job. Claims can be filed online or in person at your state’s Division of Workers Compensation office.

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