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Commodity investing, such as gas, oil and iron, can be a very challenging market for new comers. It can also be what makes or breaks your bank account and your future investment plans. When investing and trading in commodities or any type of investment you should always do a lot of research. By doing this research, simply reading blogs and gathering basic information about the certain commodities that you’re interested in.

We have gathered several blogs and resources that can help you learn more information about commodity trading and where the market stands at today. Here are a few of the top commodity trading blogs for newcomers or those who have been in commodity investing.

Top Blogs To Read To Learn About Commodity Investing

Mint Life (www.blog.mint.com) is a personal finance blog that offers news and advice on investing in gold. They post several times a week about everything from commodity investing company to the future of the industry, when you should know about the buying, selling, or trading of gold on the open market. Mint also provides an easy to use budgeting app that can be used in commodity trading and other daily situations.

UK Universal Group (www.ukuniversalgroup.com) is a great site to learn more things about commodity trading and to boost your confidence knowing you are on the right path to making a profit, or at least keeping your portfolio from suffering inflammation. UK Universal Group’s blog breaks down investing in oil and gas down to the basic. They make is simple to understand terms and what is going on in the current market. Some of the blogs will cover oil trading where others cover different commodities. They have work with my high-end oil companies like Hess and Marathon Oil.

The Motley Fool (www.fool.com) is another great blog of commodity trading. However, this blog not only caters to the United States, but also the United Kingdom and several other locations worldwide. Fool.com has over 500,000 followers on twitter and a staggering 185,000 on Facebook, the Motley Fool is known for the best blogs on trading gold. It also keeps up-to-date information regarding the stock market and other commodity trading done.

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