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Best Steps to Take When You Are In An Accident While Traveling

When traveling to another country, it’s possible to get involved in a car accident, essentially ruining all plans. However, after getting your bearings, it’s important to do a mental and physical check to ensure everything is in order and the injuries are limited before trying to get out of the car. Still, it’s vital to get essential information to provide to a law firm on the accident’s details and necessary to claim for compensation. Here are steps to take after an accident.

Contact Emergency Services

Assessment of all drivers, passengers, and pedestrians involved in the accident is critical and the need to call emergency services to preserve life. Unless the vehicles are in an unstable manner or there’s a threat of fire, don’t move unconscious parties until emergency personnel arrive. Police need to be present to assess the situation and give reports.

Take Photos

After the initial danger, take evidence on the accident. Don’t move the car until you take photos from all angles to clearly show the accident. Besides, take them from a distance to show the general area as it’s necessary for a conclusive report. The photos will help when claiming for traveling insurance.

Information Exchange

Getting personal information of other drivers involved in the accident is vital for insurance claims. The information is particularly important in case any party does not have insurance as it will be easy to ask from your insurance company. In case one of the drivers is unconscious, get the number plate and insurance details.

Police Report

A police report is necessary for insurance claims as it includes the details of the accident with attached photos from the scene. The officer’s name and badge number is necessary when dealing with a lawsuit as an attorney from your law firm will need it to start processing the suit. Police at the scene often interview witnesses to generate the report.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After getting the photos and reports, get in touch with your insurance company using your policy number. Give a description of the events and wait for instructions on how to proceed. Before getting treatment, check on affiliation with the insurance company to ensure it’s billed directly as opposed to having to pay for the medical expenses from your pocket. If it’s possible, collect all payment invoices after payment to ask for reimbursement after receiving treatment.

Take note that when in another country, the processes can be difficult to follow up on and getting in touch with a law firm early on will guide you on how to get money back.

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