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Time to secure your privacy

Using VPN Virtual Private Network is actually a very wise decision every computer user should take.

Private networks are extended over public networks using virtual private network. Thus the term virtual is used before private network. VPN is actually a secure path between the PC and the destination you are searching for over the internet, as soon as you enter the path/ tunnel it becomes very tough for anyone to keep a track on your web activities. Users can send and receive Information or data using a public or shared network or networks but it appears as if they are privately assessing the network.

There are certain categories of people who are in real need of it unknowingly. They are really unaware about it such as:

• The student and employee – This group of people use a VPN provided by their school, college or organization when travelling they have access to certain free VPNs.
• The downloader- This is that category who needs to stay safe anyways whether downloading legally or illegally , as this person can be held responsible for intruding into some site he may not have accessed
• The privacy as well as security minded advocate-
• The globetrotter

While working from a public Wi-Fi hot spot securing the data you are handling is necessary so that your work confidentiality is not put at stake What to seek for while buying a VPN?

Firstly you should check on the
• Protocol offered- corporate users generally use SSL
• Corporate and Exit location
• Logging- make sure you know your VPN providers logging policies
• Anti malware/ Anti spyware features- Use HTTPS sites whenever possible. See if your

VPN provider has anti malware features.
• Mobile Apps- Most service providers provide security across devices
• Price- Known the difference between free and paid services

A coffee shop Wi-Fi hotspot is the most vulnerable spot for breach of security as every unencrypted site you visit and information you share over the site is accessible by hackers.VPN when used in such cases not only blocks the view of intruders over what information you are sharing but the site you are accessing as well.

So how is VPN useful while at home? Well, while at home you shouldn’t really trust your internet provider as your ISP has access over the data you share and the sites you visit so to deal with this VPN insures your privacy. Thirdly an illegal usefulness of VPN is when you need to access a site blocked for yourlocation so you just need to use the VPN server of another country which acts as your virtual location and hides your geographical location.

Some examples of widely used VPN’s are
• WiTopia
• TorGaurd
• TorVPN
• proXPN
• Private Internet Access

While Concluding we can say that VPN’s act as a firewall to your data which is very necessary for every computer user. Using a reliable VPN is your foremost priority. More information about greater use of VPNs can be found on this link https://vpntrends.com/best-vpn-services/. Remember to stay safe online and use VPN for protection against all kinds of internet risks.

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