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A few years back, nobody even heard about spams and what they do. But today it is a problem for everybody. Some people just learn to live with them, occasionally wading through their inbox searching for mails of some importance and ignoring the rest.

Spamming is best described as just some email campaigns, bulk mailed to many recipients for some benefits or for malicious motive. The idea to spam is linked to agencies those who are looking to inform about their product or services, or in some cases get information from targets or it may even be part of some surveys.

Spam filtering through Office 365 Spam Filters is one of the best filtering services provided by Microsoft through its exchange online services in office 365.  Office 365 Cloud is a collaborative set of tools aimed to provide range of functions and services under one subscription. Best Anti-spam filtering protection requires an up-to-date signature of various spam campaigns on a daily basis. Spams are generated daily by spammers with new techniques and tricks to avoid being filtered out. They don’t follow patterns or logic, hence to avoid them completely is rarely possible. Yet Microsoft exchange views this task very seriously and they update their servers with the changing ways and methods of spammers. See here for more Exchange Online Plans.

A Guide To Spam Filter In Office 365

Office 365 Spam Filtering

When any email is delivered to an inbox of a user in Exchange Online mailbox, it is compared to a confidence level which decides if the email has characteristics of a spam. If it is reviewed as a spam, in such cases it is either redirected to junk folders or marked spam and quarantined to spam. Based on the spa filtering setting of the user, the mails are classified from further being delivered to the mailbox.

There are basically 3 types of spam campaigns. One type of which is already under the scanner of server and they don’t bypass the filters. The second type of spam campaigns are those which sometime is available in server, but the techniques helps them in bypassing some filters. And the last type is those which uses new techniques and are able to bypass any servers.

If you are looking for more troubleshooting help on how spam delivery works, you can check Office 365 Cloud for the best available online help. Your administrator can also help you understand your spam threat detection and protection. For all other issues visit http://o365cloudexperts.com.

How to Fight Spam as a user

  • Always submit or report any spam mails to office 365.
  • You can change the spam parameters in your Office 365 Spam Filters settings to increase or decrease certain threat level.
  • If you encounter any phishing or malware always send a report to Microsoft as requested. This is important not only for your safety but also for other users.
  • Always activate settings filtering of bulk mailing. This way your exchange will look closely for bulk mail senders and notify you of spams.
  • There are guides to prevent and avoid Phishing and spamming online. Keep oneself up-to-date with such knowledge
  • You can create a ‘allow email’ list or you can add IPs to ‘deny list’ so that no email land in your inbox from such email addresses

Steps taken by Office 365 to Improve Filtering

  • Steps have been taken to include the filtering through url detection.
  • Improving verification of incoming emails through inbuilt filters
  • A new feature of signing through office 365 for all outgoing emails to help in segregating spams
  • Office 365 is implementing the revolutionary authentication practices to filtering techniques for greater results through combining all other available best practices.
  • Updates cycle to be decreased to include changes at the shortest possible time
  • Microsoft is introducing the concept of IP address detection
  • To improve your anti malware protection through complex intrusion and detection
  • Time-of-click protection ensures to detect a bad source or origin

Microsoft is serious in improving their user spam experience through cloud 365. Advanced protection and filtering has been provided to keep users safe through most of threats level. This service has many areas of improvement and even greater scope for user experience satisfaction. With this technology hosted over cloud, it remains to be seen if Microsoft will find it easier to build a protection that survives even the highest level of attack or if it becomes a victim.

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