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JJRC as one of the maximum popular plus competitive RC drone brands issued the newly product named JJRC H11WH lately. This RC quad was prepared through a 2.0MP HD camera to offer high-definition 720P FPV. It is actual appropriate for novice pilots, which is easy control through headless mode plus auto returning mode. Thus how about additional features of JJRC H11WH? Let me share you some thorough info next.


The noticeable design of JJRC H11WH is 2.0MP HD camera outline. It is actual nice that it permits you to do high-definition 720P FPV. So as to get the finest field of view, the camera permits you to regulate the shooting angles toward capture the imageries you like.

In terms of presence design, it displays you the high steadiness by 6-axis gyro. A normal size amongst numerous RC drones. Also, it was prepared from high-quality resources with rubber paint covered fuselage.

There is a pretty decent design that it offers you a friendly method to alteration the motor. Though the brushed motor is valuable, it has a vast problem of short-time usage, only lasting around 10-30 flights plus needing to be substituted. Fortunately, this JJRC drone has a suitable design for altering the motor. Eliminating two screws, you could substitute the motor.


It owns the usual functions that additional RC drones have, for example onward and backward, left plus right side-fly, ascend plus descend, etc. Precisely, it has its exclusive flight modes, and whatever I most appreciate is its elevation hold mode. This function permits you to keep your RC drone in a reliable altitude whereas finishing the processes of the roll, pitch, plus yaw flights.

Another humorous play way is the gravity control style with your smartphone. You have no requisite to usage the controller plus you could play the RC drone.

Battery and Flight Time

Though it has an enormous capacity battery config of up to 1,100mAh, it simply supports short flight time of around 7 minutes. And this one requires 2.5 hours charging time.

Flight Performance

There is also a Headless style feature that works actually great. It could get you out of worry if you lost the way your drone is facing. The drone moreover features the incorporated barometric air pressure sensor.

This permits the drone toward maintain its flight elevation stable at the anticipated level. There is moreover air press height hold that develops the constancy of flight plus video recording performance aerial photography. The JJRC H11WH aerial photography drone moreover features one press instinctive return that confirms you can call back your drone without any deferral.

There is furthermore one key reset, thus if the drone deviates the unique way owing to the compound operation, you could only press one key toward reset it.


If you are the novices, JJRC H11WH is pretty decent for you. Easy control processes of it will convey you more amenities. Besides, its FPV utility, altitude hold mode plus gravity control mode would give you more fun. Thus will you have a try?

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