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Make Your Communication Interesting With Whatsapp Emoticons

Whatsapp is popular as a messaging application all over the world. It has many cool features in it which makes the chatting experience even better with your friends and families. It is very fast in sending the messages, the audio messages or the video messages. But the experience of chatting goes on the next level when emoticons are used while chatting.

So, let’s first understand that what are emoticons and what they actually mean. Most of you must have used those yellow colored smilies while chatting or must have seen some one sending them. So, all these kinds of pictures which people exchange while chatting are called emoticons. Whatsapp has a huge collection of inbuilt very amazing Whatsapp Emoticons, which you can easily use and that too free of cost as Whatsapp never charge any additional cost for using these emoticons.

Make Your Communication Interesting With Whatsapp Emoticons

The huge collection of emoticons includes Emojis expressing different moods of humans in the form of smilies, which are yellow in colour and round in shape. They very well express the mood of an individual and you can choose from many of them present there. Also there are some emoticons of hands doing different actions which are really well made. Whatsapp also has a lot of emoticons of food items which are wide in range, it includes many types of fruits, a lots of drinks, and many other food stuffs. Apart from these food items, Whatsapp also includes emoticons of various animals, which are very cute to look.

Emoticons of all kinds of weather situations are also available on Whatsapp. Many clock emoticons are also available on Whatsapp. So, all in all Whatsapp has collection of some great emoticons which people love to use. In fact according to reports and researches, people love to chat with the people who use emoticons while chatting as it makes the chatting experience more colorful, and ultimately better. Not just this our very favorite app is ready to launch a new a whole new interface for Note 6, Xperia Z6, Galaxy s8 and even iPhone 8.

Whatsapp also keeps on updating these Whatsapp Emoticons on regular basis and keep on adding some new and even more interesting emoticons in the collection of its earlier emoticons and make the experience for the users even better.

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