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The Upcoming Milestone Of The Phablets – Galaxy Note 5

The Smartphones of Smasung have been heating up the market by providing amazing features and specifications to the users. These Smartphones has also increased the market share of every electronic device all over the world. A number of popular Smartphones are available in the market such as BlackBerry, Apple, Nokia, HTC and so on. But also there is a famous company, i.e. the Korean firm that has covered most of the shares in the market. This company has its own importance in different gadgets such as ovens, refrigerators, televisions, cameras, Air Conditioners and so on, but this company is quite famous for its Smartphones. Samsung is the chief and the best company rival in the industry that consists of different quality Smartphones that will satisfy their customers.

This company launched a Phablet known as  Galaxy Note in the year of 2011 in Berlin at an IFA event. When it started releasing the Phablets, it started launching various other successors of the Note series timely. With this process, its Smartphones are in great demand and it has made a stronger position in the market. The Galaxy Note 4 is also very famous among the people, but now the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with its amazing features and specifications is going to amaze a number of the customers. Different rumors about the specifications and features are buzzing among the people and on the web as well.

The Upcoming Milestone Of The Phablets – Galaxy Note 5

Features And Specs

This is the 1st time that the features and specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are being surmised on the internet. The popular flagship gadgets of this company get wonderful features, specs and various other details and information before any kind of official confirmations. Here are some features and specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that are surmised on the internet, which are described as below:

  • Exynos Quad Core Processor or Snapdragon processor
  • AMOLED screen of 6 inches that consists of a resolution of 3840X2160P and density of 650ppi pixels
  • A memory (RAM) of 4GB
  • An internal storage of 32 or 64 Gigs with 2 different variants that can be expanded up to 128GB
  • 6.0 Android or Android 5.0 Lollipo
  • A secondary camera of 5 mega pixels
  • A main camera of 20.9 mega pixels
  • A battery of 3400-3900mAh
  • Its weight lies between 170gm-190gm
  • It consists of a Network support of 4G, 3G and 2G LTE Cat 6.0, but it does not support 5G network
  • Well-suited Stylus S Pen that can be introduced to its functionality.
  • Water resistant
  • Dust resistant
  • A metallic body along with aluminum edges
  • A battery saver is also added to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to increase its working time

Apart from these specs, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 contains various wonderful features that are given as below:

  • Modern Fingerprint Scanner
  • Technology of eye scanning
  • NFC
  • HDMI port
  • USB Host
  • Wireless charging
  • Handwriting recognition technology
  • Sound recognition
  • Notification LED lights
  • Sensors list consists of Temparature, Humidity, Compass, Proximity, Barometer, Gyroscope and much more.

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