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With the evolution of tech comes the evolution of architecture and design of office space. So long to the traditional cubicle and basic floor plan, and say hello to environmentally and spatially conscious designs that reflect current tech and academic cultural trends.

Today, companies are building and designing their offices to echo the values and ideals of their company’s objective. AirBnB has built conference rooms and executive suites that replicate the same designs of the rooms featured on their site. Twitter and Square’s office were crafted with minimalist, sleek motifs, open conference rooms, and mini-coworking spaces that highlight Dorsey’s mission for transparency and high employee morale.

Following suit, major media companies are starting to make their office designs more reflective of their product. TMZ recently moved out of their central LA offices and into a 36,000 square-foot former mail distribution center in Playa Vista. The center of the workspace is 9,000 square-foot newsroom. The majority of the décor is of a red and black color scheme to mimic the channel’s trademark design. The massive steel and wood kitchen features communal tables and games like foosball. The words “Thirty Mile Zone” (what TMZ stands for) are painted throughout the walls of the building.

Big Media Magnates Move Into Classy New Office Spaces

Pandora, the curated radio station site, completed construction of their new headquarters on Park Ave and 42nd St in New York City in July. The design features an open-floor plan that can comfortably accommodate 150 workers. According to Bill Brody, vice president of B.R. Fries, who contracted the construction of Pandora’s new digs, the office incorporates, “A large variety of loosely structured spaces contrast with small, private meeting rooms dubbed ‘phone booths’ –  a setup typical of new workplace trends and the strong preference for social interaction in media and Internet companies.” The main color palette of the office is gold, blue, and silver. Portraits of Gene Simmons, Louis Armstrong, and other musicians don the walls, and of course there’s an amphitheater for all-staff meetings.

For sure there are many options for modern offices nowadays as well as for the chief executive officers. It is always better to have a separate office somewhere in the downtown with a private parking space, but at the same time no all of employers can afford this. And then the question of office sharing arises like coworking space or commercial furnished office lease. To choose the best option one needs to check the classifieds in the area and to calculate the expenditures the company can handle. It is clear that any office space can be furnished or unfurnished meaning that in the latter case you need to care about the office furniture starting with tables and ending up with flip charts. Additionally, one should care about one’s privacy options and the comfort of the employees. Yes, they demand more than just getting checks at the end of each week. And you might even consider such options as coworking spaces to be the best way out as this option lets you save much on real office expenditures.

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