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Visual content is more grabbing than textual pieces. No wonder business videos are taking the marketing scene by storm of late. Are you too planning to create a business video for your company? It could be a general branding video or something about your latest product. That’s great; but don’t forget the competition is sky-high online. Your competitors too are coming up with video contents to capture the market. Thus, the post below extends 5 top tips that will help you to stand out in the competition with stunning result-driven business videos.

Go for high definition video

The quality of visual display featured by your video largely influences the image of your company. A poorly recorded video with low clarity will echo the same lame message about your business. On the other hand, a video shot in HD clarity will do much to leverage the credibility and reputation of your brand.

Thus, it’s advised to shoot your business video in high definition to heighten the stature of your business. If you can’t afford a professional videographer, take to a premium video recorder program. One good example here will Movavi Screen Recorder Studio. It is designed to record videos in HD quality to ensure high quality visual display. It will also help with video edit and conversion at blazing speed.

Optimize for SEO

It’s suggested to power up the business video with top scoring keywords to leverage its SEO factor. Use the most relevant keywords in descriptions, tags, title as well as other kinds of metadata fields. It will improve the ranking of the video on search engines and simultaneous the ranking of your site.

Distribute it on multiple channels

You certainly want your business video for your website but don’t limit its exposure to there only. In fact, you should upload the video on as many platforms possible to increase viewership and enhance exposure for your brand. Publish it on social media sites, forums where your end-users frequent, social media groups related to your business and so on.

Tips for lighting

It’s better to shoot the video during daytime. Sit with your back before the window and keep the window open. However, be careful of the timing as well. Don’t shoot when the sun is at its peak. You will end up with completely washed out clips. It’s better to shoot when the sunlight is diffused and mellowed

Be in professional attire

You should always be in a professional attire if you will showcase yourself in the video. Don’t wear anything glittery or too glam as it may convey a wrong message. Do not put on small patterns or stripes while solid bright shades like orange or red should be avoided too.

The color of your dress or suit should be in contrast with your skin tone. Light-skinned people can put on something dark while dark-skinned folks can try pastel shades.

Don’t forget to conclude the video with an inspiring CTA such as, “click on this link for more details” or “grab your freebie here”.

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