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You can certainly communicate with your reader in effective manner by writing good article. However, your writing can have better impact on your reader only if it is written by following proper grammar rules and avoiding punctuation and spelling mistakes. All of us get our basic education about grammar during our school days, but yet you can find many writers often commit various grammatical mistakes while writing or editing an article.

In some way, we may say that certain rules of English language are very confusing and at times contradicting too. Therefore, people all over the world consider English as one of the toughest language to learn particularly if they are from a non-native English speaking countries.

In number of cases many writers may not have right kind of education during their formative years, where they did not learn about various contradictions that are available in English language. Many people may have forgotten what was taught to them during their early ages.

There may be number of reasons to commit grammatical mistakes, however few mistakes have been found very common among many writers. Therefore, one should be aware about these common mistakes so that you can at least avoid them while writing any important essay or article.

In this short article, we will discuss about few common grammatical mistakes that are found in most of the writing materials. Try to avoid them if you are also committing these mistakes while writing. This will go long way to help you to Write My Essayz better by following proper grammar rules.

  • When to use ‘among’ and ‘between’

This is a common mistake found in various write ups. When you are referring two different alternates then ‘between’ is more appropriate while referring to more than two alternates ‘among’ will be used.

  • Use of ‘assure’, ‘ensure’ and ‘insure’

The meaning of these three words is quite different from each other, but due to similarity of spelling often people make wrong choice and as a result the sentence conveys different meaning to readers.

  • Use of commas

This is very common mistake found in most of the articles written even by some of the regular writers. Sometimes due to wrong placement or by not using comma appropriately, the sentence conveys very different message to readers.

  • Use of ‘compliment’ vs. ‘complement’

These two similar sounding words may create a lot of confusion when used inappropriately. You can compliment someone for choosing her dress that complements with the wardrobe. However, you cannot complement her for being compliment with wardrobe. I hope you have got the point well?

  • Use of ‘farther’ vs. ‘further’

These two similar looking words also need to be used properly. When using for literal distance use ‘farther’ while for figurative distance use ‘further’.

  • ‘It’s’ vs. ‘Its’

‘It’s’ stands for ‘It is’ while ‘Its’ is a possessive pronoun.

  • Use of semicolon

You need to know when to use semicolon properly instead of comma.

  • Use of ‘Then’ vs. ‘Than’

These two words may create different meaning if used inappropriately.

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