Car and motorcycle insurance are very similar in that both cover liability damages that may occur. With this in mind it is therefore important that you insure your car or motorcycle with the right insurance. When shopping around for the right insurance cover for your car or motorcycle you should know that there are some differences between insurance covers for cars and those for motorcycles. You should not worry about that since we have listed all of them here.


  • Insuring motorcycles is much cheaper than insuring cars.
  • The main reason is that your motorcycle costs less than a car. In case of any damage on the motor cycle it will cost less to fix it than it would on a car.
  • If a motorcycle hits a pedestrian or damages property this will most likely be less severe than if it was a car accident.
  • The insurance policy usually costs more if you have a more expensive car or motorcycle. However the cost of motorcycle insurance is always cheaper.


  • Car insurance usually covers the driver and its occupants. On the other hand motorcycle insurance only covers the driver.
  • If you will be carrying a passenger on your motorcycle always buy additional insurance to cover. This will cost more but it will be of great help in case you have an accident.



  • Insurance companies allow you to cover your motorbike for a few months. This does not happen when you are covering your car as you can only buy annual insurance policies.
  • This therefore means that if you do not use your motorcycle during winter then you are not required to insure it . This flexibility reduces insurance costs for motorcycles.


  • Comprehensive car insurance covers any damage that occurs on your car including theft, damage by natural disasters or any kind of accident. You are therefore well covered by this insurance since it is not specific.
  • Motorcycle insurance is usually specific. When you are buying insurance for your motorcycle always ensure that you buy the insurance that will cover many of the risks associated with riding motor cycles.


  • Motorcycle insurance covers all the accessories like helmets which are required when you are riding. They are covered since they are a prerequisite that is needed when riding. This also encourages motorcyclists to wear helmets whenever they are riding as it reduces the chance s of having severe head injuries that could lead to fatalities.
  • Car insurance only covers the car and its occupants. You should consult with your insurance provider to know what is covered by the insurance you take for your car.

If you own a car or motorcycle you should always buy insurance covers from reputable providers. Also visit many providers so that you increase chances of getting the best insurance at the lowest cost possible. You should also insure both the car and the motorcycle using one insurance company. This way you are likely to get a huge bargain making you save some money.

Always ensure that you have a NI Card. The driving practical test tests whether you can drive under different road conditions. This way you are able to drive your car or ride your motorcycle safely.

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