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4 Essential Reasons To Obtain An EHIC Card

The ease with which European Union (EU) nationals can presently hop across countries is a long-awaited and welcome change for a majority of travellers. While individual situations may differ, the modern traveller knows precisely the importance of insurance. With the introduction of the (EHIC) European Health Insurance Card, one can enjoy complete peace of mind; however, one should always keep in mind that this card is not a substitute for travel insurance.

4 Essential Reasons To Obtain An EHIC Card

Let us look at the four essential reasons to obtain an EHIC card.

(1) Travelling during Pregnancy

EHIC is truly a wonderful innovation. It has it basis in the premise that if the EU is to operate as an open market and community, its doors cannot shut down on the basis of complications with regard to health insurance complications. Wherever you wish to go, this free card offers individuals the same quality of coverage that local inhabitants are entitled to across the EU. This is a great benefit to those individuals who suffer from chronic health problems, as well as those who have medical problems that have nothing to do with illnesses. Moreover, this card allows pregnant women to travel with complete peace of mind, eliminating fears of being left without proper health services and of having to foot a massive bill outside their home country. As long as women are not travelling for a specific purpose of obtaining medical care, maternity cover is also included under this card.

(2) Travelling for Business

The EHIC card is also extremely popular and useful for those who travel frequently for business purposes because the EU foundations were primarily built to open doors for trade. Hundreds of individuals travel across the EU for business on a daily basis. While a majority of organisations either encourage or offer workers to buy adequate insurance, the card’s general assurance is a convenient thing to possess in your pocket if you are a frequent business traveller.

(3) Travelling for Studies

The life of a student is generally an investment in a financial possibility, and not a healthy financial state. Therefore, travelling students will find this card to be extremely handy. You can effectively travel throughout Europe, without any fears of any potential accidents or falling sick. However, it should be reiterated that the card does not cover theft, loss, or damage to personal belongings and possessions, including high-end, expensive gadgets.

(4) Travelling for Leisure

Ultimately, EHIC makes insurance simpler and cheaper for citizens of Europe when they travel for leisure. This eventually means that when you go on a vacation, you can save precious time and money by effectively adding the required cover to make amends for the card limits in any country that you wish to visit. This not only boosts the tourism industry across the EU, but also ensures that an increasing number of people can indulge in holidays with no hassles whatsoever, thus making this card almost priceless.

To conclude, the European Health Insurance Card is extremely useful; however, it should not be regarded as a substitute to travel insurance.

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