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Common Misconceptions About Car Accident Claims

If you’ve never had to deal with a legal battle due to a car accident, you’re lucky. Many people go into the accident with some false misconceptions that end up costing them. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about auto accident claims explained so that you can better understand the process.

All Injury Laws Are the Same

This is one very big common misconception about driving laws that people don’t seem to understand until it’s too late. Every state has its own unique laws regarding auto accidents. Some states may have a no-fault policy while other states may require that at least someone is held liable for the accident. Knowing what laws will be governing your accident is key to winning your case.

You’ll Be Entitled to Compensation

The truth is that sometimes the injured party is not actually compensated for their injuries. There’s no strict law that states that you’ll automatically receive compensation if you’re injured in a car accident. You have to file a personal injury suit and prove your case. Hiring a car accident lawyer can help to increase the likeliness that you will receive compensation from your case.

Serious Injuries Are Worth Multi-Million Dollar Settlements

If you’ve watched the advertising for accident lawyers, many will share their biggest cases. The truth of the matter is that not every case is worth a multi-million dollar payout. Yes, this includes even serious cases. Every case is going to be different. This is why no attorney will guarantee you a specific payout amount for your case.

You Have to Give a Statement to the Other Person’s Insurance Company

You never have to actually provide a detailed statement to the other driver’s insurance company. In fact, rarely is giving a statement in your best interest. The other party’s insurance company will be recording your story so they can compare it to the story you tell later. If any part of your story changes, they will poke holes in your legitimacy. It’s best to divert questions for the other insurance company to your lawyer to properly handle.

Car accidents happen every minute in the United States. Some are serious and others are minor. Understanding what happens when you need to file a car accident claim is a necessity so that you do it right and set yourself up for receiving the highest amount of compensation possible for your car accident situation.

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