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5 Hazards Of Driving With A Cracked Windshield

Driving with a cracked windshield may be fine during the hot summer months. But when the weather becomes extreme and unpredictable, the rain, wind, and cold temperatures become too dangerous for drivers, which will worsen the damages to the glass. There are at least five hazards to driving with a windshield crack. Let’s go over them.

Cold Temperatures

Very cold temperatures make it difficult or impossible to drive comfortably with a cracked windshield. A long, wintertime trip is risky, especially with other vulnerable passengers in the vehicle. Drivers who have freezing windshields are encouraged to turn on the heater and warm the glass to prevent any cracks from expanding rapidly.

Expanding Crack

A glass crack that freezes will expand and increase in length or width. Using a windshield repair kit may help to stop part of the expansion, but the crack will grow several inches in just a few weeks. A driver can no longer handle the risks and must consider a windshield replacement.

Shattering Impact

If a sharp object were to hit a cracked windshield, the glass may shatter. The glass could spray large shards or small particles into the direction of the driver and passengers. Many windshields are designed with multiple layers to prevent the blowout of glass, but that doesn’t prevent the entire structure from collapsing.

Reduced Visibility

A long, jagged crack across the windshield is always a distraction. Even if it doesn’t obscure your view of the road, your main focus will be on that defect. A large crack will decrease your visibility of the road. In the worst cases, some drivers find it almost impossible to see other vehicles, street signs, or pedestrians in front of them. Struggling to see through cracked glass increases the risks of an accident.

Weakened Protection

A small amount of damage in a windshield is still detrimental to the entire structure. A crack often expands and grows over time, which results in weaker glass and a false sense of protection. In the worst case, your windshield could shatter upon impact with a heavy object or after a head-on collision.

Windshield Replacement: The Final Solution

Few people want to think of having to replace the entire windshield. But after an accident, it’s common that drivers find it impossible to see while driving. There are only one or two solutions to driving with a cracked windshield. A repair is the first option, but that doesn’t work, the next solution is the replacement.

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