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When you are going to Mexico, it is very important that you have to buy Mexican auto insurance AAA. Whether you are a citizen of America or Canada, if you are traveling to Mexico with any purpose in your mind, then you have to buy the Mexican auto insurance. It can be anything, a trip to Mexico with your family on vacation or it can be a business trip. Whatever the case may be, you need to buy the mexican auto insurance. But there is some reason why it is the most important thing when you are entering Mexico. The U.S.A and Canada both have an agreement when it comes to recognizing the policies of each other countries. But that type of relationship does not exist between Mexico and the other two countries. Which means that you have to buy the Mexican Auto Insurance no matter from where you are coming from. Mexico does not recognize both countries insurance, and you have to buy the insurance no matter what.

Here is why you must not leave for Mexico without buying the Mexican auto insurance AAA:


If you are coming from U.S or Canada and you do not have a valid Mexican auto insurance AAA or if it is expired, then it is illegal to drive in Mexico. There are some people who might not agree with this or will still encourage you to go to Mexico without the insurance, which is a wrong thing to do. The Mexican law is very much similar to the U.S law which states that if you are driving in our country you are required to have the financial resources in case you are involved in the accident and you have to pay for the damages. Those resources might come from you or from your car insurance policy.

Criminal and Civil Case:

If you are involved in an accident in Mexico, then it is considered as the civil as well as a criminal matter. According to the law in Mexico, if the driver is moving without the proof which can show that he or she can pay for the damages wither with a Mexican car insurance or with the cash at that time of the accident, then the driver may be jailed for a time and also have to pay for the damages or the vehicle can be impounded depending on the case or both can happen. Carrying a lot of cash cannot help you as you might have to pay thousands of dollars.

There are many citizens who are still not aware of that they need separate insurance for when they are driving to Mexico by the road. You can buy the insurance from the border or the best way to buy the insurance is from online. There, you can get the quotes in no time, and you can also choose from various insurances.

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