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No More Slow Nights With Text Message Marketing

If you’re in the nightclub business, you’re in the marketing business. All club owners face ferocious competition, changing trends and high overhead – but one element stands out when it comes to staying in business: marketing. Your customers have options, and once you lose them, it is likely that you’ll never get them back. Building and maintaining a buzz is critical, but marketing campaigns can be expensive and complicated – but they don’t have to be.

No More Slow Nights With Text Message Marketing

Keep your dance floor full with an SMS marketing campaign.

SMS: The Power of Text Message Marketing

Since the first text message was sent in 1992, no technology has come along that is capable of matching the medium’s reach, cost, personal nature and effectiveness. Roughly 98 percent of all text messages are opened – most within a few minutes of being received. By comparison, only around 20 percent of marketing emails are ever opened.

SMS Marketing and the Nightlife Business

As discussed in the article “How a Mass Texting Service Can Help You Pack the Dance Floor at Your Nightclub,” few businesses can benefit from text marketing more than nightclubs. One of the easiest ways club promoters can keep in touch with the people who will fill – or fail to fill – their dance floors is through loyalty programs. SMS lets marketers transform their subscriber list into a loyalty program. Eliminate cover charges for your most loyal customers, give them free drinks or upgrade them to VIP – and use text messages to spread the word.

Schedule Reminders

When you have special nights or key promotions, remind your customers by engaging them not through emails that are likely to get lost in the shuffle, but through the cell phone they always carry in their pocket. Use reminders as an opportunity to reach out without selling, to thank them, to use humor or otherwise show your personality. As the day approaches, send texts in quicker succession. By the time the event arrives, your patrons will feel like you have personally invited them, and that the night wouldn’t be the same without them.

Follow Up with Feedback

Text marketing is not only effective as a marketing ploy before the event, but it is also a powerful way to collect feedback after the event. Improve your operation by asking if they were satisfied, what was wrong, what was right and what could have been done better.

Engage with your patrons and turn them into loyal customers with text message marketing.

Use text message marketing to engage your patrons, to establish your club’s brand, to stand out from the competition, to offer deals, to create loyalty programs and to advertise special promotions. Most importantly, text marketing can help keep your dance floors full because it is efficient, personal, cheap and effective.

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