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Marketing Your Club Using Text Messaging

Your nightclub has it all–a top-notch D.J., a well-stocked bar manned by an expert bartender, and an ambience to die for. The only thing missing is a steady stream of clientele. No worries. A clever text marketing campaign can earn you a lengthy line-up, pack your dance floor, and get your cash register ringing.

Yes, a creative campaign using SMS marketing can spread the word about the best club in town–yours, obviously–and get your business bustling.

SMS=Marketing Success

If you haven’t incorporated text messaging into your marketing mix, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. According to “5 Surprising Beneficiaries of Text Message Marketing,” 99 percent of all text messages are opened, compared to only 20 percent of e-mails. Yes, you could reach 79 percent more potential clients. And that equates to the opportunity for more conversions and a huge heap of new business.

From Hush to Rush

Transform your hushed periods into rushed ones by carefully timing your text messaging. Need to fill seats on those quiet nights at the start of the week? Invite your subscribers for a complimentary beverage on a Tuesday night. All they need to do is present your text message invitation to their server. The odds are they will stay for more drinks and, likely, some munchies too. You’ve got more seats filled–which will lure more people through your doors. And Tuesday is no longer just another slow night.

Marketing Your Club Using Text Messaging

Become the Plan

Some people create a Friday night plan days in advance and stick to it. Others are a little more spontaneous, preferring to ride by the seat of their pants–or skirt. In order to appeal to both personality types, “The Benefits of SMS Marketing for Bars and Night Clubs,” recommends sending out a text invitation early in the week–like Monday or Tuesday–and a few hours prior to the big night. And, offering a special deal on drinks, wings, or something equally enticing will enable you to attract the planners and the last-minute types, alike, filling your night club to capacity.

Entourages Encouraged

Filling your club one bar stool at a time is all fine and dandy, but attracting pairs, trios, or better yet, large groups of people is better. “Two for one” offers are a standard business practice, but how can you encourage someone to bring their entire entourage? “5 Killer Ways to Use SMS Marketing for Every Restaurant, Bar, and Club” recommends creating a flash mob. It suggests offering your subscribers a free drink to the first thirty people who show up by a specific time on one of your slowest nights. There is, however, one caveat–the offer is only valid if thirty people show up. Your thirsty followers will round up their buddies and get to your establishment extra early to be among those complimentary cocktail recipients. And you know they won’t stay for only one drink.

Wow a Crowd

Are you hosting a huge event? If you are the venue for a great band, a community event, or a laugh-out-loud funny comedian, you’ll want to spread the word. SMS marketing is a great way to promote your event without getting confused with spam and other junk mail.”3 Ways Bars can Use Text Marketing to Increase Revenue” warns that Facebook events are often ignored, whereas almost everyone reads their text messages, making this a sure-fire way to increase awareness about your upcoming event.

So take a good look at your premises while you can. Thanks to your new SMS Marketing campaign, your view will soon be obscured by a throng of happy patrons. And your cash register will be busy emitting a deafening cha-ching.

How do you use SMS marketing to promote your night club?

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