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Getting More Clients With SMS Marketing

Need another tool to put in your marketing tool chest? SMS marketing may be an effective tactic for getting more clients. Text messages are still an underutilized marketing platform in many industries and may be your golden ticket to increasing sales. Here are some tips for productively using SMS marketing.

Offer Customer Service

According to 6 Tips for Attracting More Clients to Your Consulting Business with SMS Marketing, an effective way to use your SMS marketing is by adding a customer service element to your strategy. You can have the world’s best marketing messages that drive new clients, but, if your customer service isn’t up to par, you’ll lose customers as fast as you gain them.

Offering customer service via text adds an element of convenience for clients and can set your business apart from competitors. Start by assessing whether you have the staff available to offer customer service via text and create a plan to effectively implement this option.

Getting More Clients With SMS Marketing

Host Contests

Extend the reach of your text messages and other social media posts by hosting contests. Contests capitalize on the power of your brand advocates by encouraging those supporters to share your marketing messages in exchange for being entered in a giveaway. Many options are available regarding how you can host a contest utilizing your SMS marketing platform.

For example, you could require followers on one social media platform to opt in to receive your text messages before being entered into a giveaway. This strategy can boost the number of text subscribers with the hopes that those new subscribers will tune in to your marketing messages and soon become clients.

Send Tips

Your text subscribers who aren’t yet your customers must be given substantial evidence as to why they should become your clients. Provide that evidence by texting valuable tips, client testimonials and other relevant information.

If possible, segment your SMS lists to ensure the appropriate texts are going to each segment of your audience. For example, subscribers who aren’t yet clients should receive texts that provide strong reasons as to why they should become your clients. Current clients should receive other information that is relevant to them.

Create a Schedule

If you hope to gain new clients through SMS marketing, you must use that platform regularly. Create a schedule for how often you’ll send texts to potential clients. The schedule should also note which types of information will be included in each text. This type of schedule prevents you from texting too little or too often and also helps ensure you’re texting a variety of valuable information.

Offer Promos

Encourage your text subscribers to become clients by occasionally texting promos. For example, an effective way to generate more interest is by texting a percentage off your service prices or another similar promo. This tactic can be an effective way to boost sales during slow months.

Use SMS marketing to get more clients. From offering customer service via text to capturing email addresses through your SMS strategy, there are many ways to increase sales through text messaging. Learn more about this underutilized marketing platform and get started today.

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