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Being arrested can take a toll on anyone. When it comes to seeing your significant other behind bars, it can make life seem surreal. Trying to support them emotionally and physically while taking care of yourself in the process can seem overwhelming. To help you along, here are some great tips that you can employ for supporting your significant other after their arrest.


Realize Support Isn’t Accepting the Crime

One of the first emotional battles you’re going to need to get through is deciding on whether or not to give your support. It’s very easy to be torn between your partner and your morals. You must realize that there is a difference between supporting your partner and aligning yourself with their crime.


Support is independent of the crime. When you can help to separate these two issues in your mind, you can be better emotionally prepared to support your loved one. You won’t have to worry about issues with shame or guilt as you know that you’re not condoning their actions, rather, you’re just providing support to get them through.


Not only is that great advice, but realizing that “arrest” is not the same as “conviction” is important too. You likely don’t know the details surrounding the arrest. It is crucial for your relationship that you don’t jump to conclusions on your own.


Get Legal Assistance

Navigating through the legal system can be overwhelming, to say the least. This is why there are trained criminal defense attorneys that can walk you through the various processes, paperwork, and so forth along the way. While you may want to dive into legal books to find a way to help your partner, your best action is to hire someone that has the experience to actually help your significant other.


If you are short on funds, look for attorneys that offer free consultation. They can point you in the best route depending on your budget. There may even be financing options in your community. Starting a fund at work or online can also be a huge help.


Mentally Prepare Yourself for the Process

It will drastically help you and your partner emotionally if you prepare for the process following the arrest. When you don’t know what’s going on, it tends to create more fear for both of you. Instead, assist the help of your lawyer and online resources to learn what happens after an arrest.


By understanding the steps, it can help to take the power of fear away from your mind. You should mentally prepare for the court date, prison visits, and so forth. Get a general idea of what happens during these times so that you can have at least some comfort in knowing what’s going on during these times.


Take the time to seek help for yourself. You SO is going through a crisis, but so are you. If you need to talk to someone about it, that’s okay! Find a friend or family member to listen and support you, or find a therapist if that is more comfortable for you.


Supporting your significant other after an arrest starts with emotionally supporting yourself. It’s important to realize that an arrest can provide a big blast of emotional turmoil that can seem unbearable at times. By utilizing the tips above and seeking help, you can get yourself and your significant other through the emotional turmoil of an arrest.

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