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Following the recent boom of online binary-trading, the number of businesses and trading sites seeking to capitalize from this new trend has inevitably rocketed up. While tight competition is potentially good for new customers, it also comes at the price of potential scams, low quality of service and general lack of information. After some careful research on the net, I came across www.TradeRush.com, a very well-rounded binary-trading site. Traderush or successfully meet most of the features an online trading customer should ever seek for. Here is a detailed review of the site:

A User Friendly Trading Interface

The way the trading screen is presented looks pretty simple: a two layer tab-managed screen detailing the list of assets available and the different trading modalities on offer. Opening an account takes less than 3 minutes, and after this, the customer can start trading immediately. The trading process is very straightforward even for those not so used to this betting form. A list of screens is displayed showing the latest asset price movements, allowing you to choose on each window where to put your money on, and whether you go for a call or a put. The percentage of return is clearly shown in big digits, and after introducing your desired bet in a box, the amount you potentially get back is also detailed. The screen can be set up in a three or nine single-trade window presentation.

Scam Free Site

While a variety of options and attractive returns are interesting features to look for when choosing your favourite trading site, doing some background research online is also paramount to find out whether a particular company is trustworthy. You do not want then to be in someone’s black list. Running through different websites such as www.binaryoptionsblacklist.com, which dedicated to spot those committing fraud, I could not find a bad review on Traderush, but otherwise positive opinions and warm recommendations.

Juicy Returns and Risk Modalities

The Securities Commission of Cyprus (where Traderush and most online betting companies are based) advises customers to expect a maximum return of at least 65-70%. On this website, traders will expect a maximum return of 81% of their deposited funds, well above the recommended standards by the SEC. Moreover, under the Option Builder tab the “in the money / out of the money” payback percentage can be edited. With this option you may choose to get a percentage back if you lose your bet at the expense of a chunk of your potential earnings. Also a time-span of between 45 and 180 minutes can be selected for each new entry. A very interesting minimum $5 bet is offered, especially suitable for those not so much experienced customers willing to reduce risk while learning how to trade in a live environment.

Traderush Review: The Ultimate Binary Trading Platform

A Variety of Trading Options

Under the Binary Options screens you will find simple bets on a different time lengths of your choice. Orders will be executed every half an hour, and entry time to a bet is time available up to 5 minutes prior to orders closing time. As previously mentioned the Option Builder allows you to choose any underlying asset along with the time frame and your desired bet. Option Pro will open a bigger and more detailed trading graph for you to solely focus on one particular bet. With profits as high as 500%, One Touch option enables the customer to bet in pre-defined longer time-period bets with the hope of the asset price to hit a particular price. The asset offer is also extensive: 8 commodities, 18 currency pairs, 21 indices and 42 stocks.

The 60 seconds bet

Traderush are pioneers in this trading modality which empowers those most impatient customers with the exciting option of betting under the very short of 60 seconds. Obtaining a result only one PIP towards your chosen price direction will cash you in attractive profits without any more delay.

Extra Trading Features

For those most accustomed to trading with Vanilla Options, binary trading can be seen as rather limiting, permitting only fixed length Call/Put bets. Looking to please those most demanding customers, Traderush includes a Double Up option to replicate bets that are working well, aiming maximise profits. At the same time, in order to reduce losses in those positions that are not looking so good, a Roll Over feature is included at a percentage profit fee to extend the closing time of the bet. This way the trader can hope for the market to redirect its trend towards the profit trigger price.

Excellent Customer Service

A 24/7 online chat is available on the website, giving you detailed information on the trading process and anything regarding signing up and fees. Minutes after registering, a personal assistant will call you to kindly discuss your needs and give you priceless guidance. In addition, a free eBook will be sent to your mail to lecture you on the basics of binary trading and warn you of its potential risks and rewards. Finally, you can get different bonuses and levels of training depending on your initial deposit which can be as low as $200.

No Hidden Fees

Most websites will charge you for funds withdrawal, but Traderush allows traders to cash back their earnings to their credit card free of charge once a month.

The Bottom line

Whether you are a seasoned trader or new to this game, you will find on Traderush a transparent and reliable ally to assist you in increasing your potential profits under a safe and user friendly environment.

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