Home Finance Why use cash when you can use your card for recharge?

Recharging your phone connection with your card details or a UPI app gives you many benefits that are not immediately apparent. We list them.

Are you still using cash to pay for essentials: buying groceries, paying bills, booking tickets, paying cabs, et al? It’s time you shifted to the online payments’ universe, especially for easy tasks like prepaid recharge and bill payments.


The thing about using cash for prepaid recharge…

…it gets over pretty quickly once you change a higher denomination note. There is little control you can exercise over it once you get change.

…you might not have the exact change for the prepaid recharge. Most prepaid plans are oddly priced, and you have to fish out small change to pay the vendor.

…you cannot do online prepaid recharge when you’re transacting exclusively in cash. You are forced to go to a vendor or mobile store to complete the recharge.

The thing about linking your card for online payments…

There are some excellent benefits that you need to consider when it comes to making online prepaid payments using your debit/credit cards or linking your account to a UPI app like BHIM app. Consider some of the most important ones:

  • You only need to key in your debit/credit card number on the payment or recharge site/app and punch in other details like card expiry data and CVV number (it is found at the back of the card). After this, enter the recharge amount and complete the process.
  • If it’s a secure payment app or site, you can save your card details on it once. After this, you are not asked to enter the card details again and you can proceed to make the payment after entering the OTP sent to your mobile. This saves several steps and a lot of time.
  • The payment or prepaid recharge app essentially links your card to the regular recharge function. In turn, your card is linked to your bank account. So, the money is debited directly from the account and you get an SMS alert from the bank attesting to the transaction. This is done in real time and it leaves an e-trail for you to trace at a later date.
  • When it comes to UPI apps like BHIM payment app, the recharge process is equally simple. Once you have set up the app on your phone as directed, you can proceed to do prepaid recharge after entering the M-PIN that you keyed in during setup. You don’t need to enter bank or card details while recharging. UPI apps also offer direct payment with utilities and mobile service providers all over the country, so this saves time as well. Plus, if you use payment apps like myAirtel app for your prepaid phone, you get regular cashback and discounts with every recharge.
  • Another advantage of using the myAirtel app for recharge is that it offers multiple online payment options that you can select from.

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