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The many U.S and Canadian citizens are still unaware that their U.S auto policy is not going to work in Mexico. It is very important to know that you have to carry a Mexican Auto Insurance, for if you want to drive in Mexico. There are various insurers who are in Mexico as well, but this is not possible every time you are going to Mexico. Sometimes, we buy in a hurry, which can backfire. You cannot buy insurance without getting to know what coverage is being provided. This can make you aware of the losses you will be saved from, which can occur on your way to Mexico. It is also very necessary to know the cost of Mexican Auto Insurance before you actually buy it.

How much is the standard cost of Mexican Auto Insurance:


The cost of the Mexican auto insurance varies from person to person as it depends on many factors. These factors are very responsible for affecting the price. It is very important that you take a quote before you actually drive to Mexico.

Every individual’s demand is different, and there can be types of circumstances. For example, the value of the car differs from person to person as well as the duration of your stay. Factors like these are unique in every case. So the easiest way to know the cost of Mexican auto insurance is by getting a quote. If you want to buy the insurance online, it is going to take a few minutes.

These policies come in various categories like daily, weekly, monthly, annually and semi-annually packages. Mostly, the policies are sold on a daily rate. The daily package is going to cost the same as the six- month package in the end. This generally depends on the duration of your stay in Mexico. Another fact is the cost of Mexican insurance is nothing as compared to the cost of U.S insurance.

The factors that affect the cost of Mexican auto insurance are:

  • The length of your stay in Mexico
  • The part of Mexico you are traveling to
  • The model and the year of your vehicle
  • The current value or price of your vehicle
  • If there will be any trailer
  • The details of the driver as well as the record of driving
  • The coverage that will be required.

What are the things that will be covered in the policy?

A Mexican auto policy is something which is only going to cover the things that are written in the coverage and not like the regular American auto policy. Whatever is written in the coverage will be strictly covered, nothing less or more.

These are the five basic things:

  • Collision
  • Medical expenses
  • property damage
  • Fire
  • Theft

You can easily buy the Mexican auto insurance. There are basically two options – the first and the best way to buy the insurance is to buy it through online. It is the easiest way to buy the insurance but be sure to check the Mexican auto insurance reviews. The second option is to buy it at the border which is not a good option as it is going to cost you more there and won’t have the time to read it all. 

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