Home Business What are Some Pitfalls of Do-It-Yourself Piano Moves?

Need to move your piano to your new place? If you are planning to move on your own then make certain that you can move your piano with great care and skills. You are subjecting your instrument to some serious damages by moving piano on your own. This is likely to be unsafe for you and your instrument as well. Piano movers can save your instrument from possible permanent damages. Are you still going to take the risk?

It takes a professional touch to disassemble, package, move and reassemble the instrument. It is not difficult to find affordable piano movers in Oakland. If you are still interested in Do It Yourself piano move, we have listed some potential pitfalls of DIY.


Your piano may not fit in your small car due to its size and weight. Therefore, the risk of injury is high and the injury can be catastrophic as well. In case it is a catastrophic injury, you will have to cover hospital visits and treatment costs. So, you might save some money by moving a piano without hiring piano movers in Oakland. However, if you compare these small savings with the sky-high hospital bills, you are most likely to change your mind.

You might end up hurting kids and pets. These injuries can lead to fatal complications. Can you bear this burden for the entire life? This is an option available to you for avoiding these hypothetical scenarios. You just have to press some keyboard keys and make a few mouse clicks to find reliable piano movers in Oakland for piano shipping. Piano moving is an 8 decades old business. Local piano movers have skills, experience and they are equipped to move upright piano, grand piano or any other type of piano without any injury.


A piano is a very delicate instrument with many parts moving and working together to produce sounds. Most probably, you are not aware of the piano parts which can be disassembled and which parts cannot be. What if your lack of caution cause some serious damage to the instrument? Although the cost of repair depends on the damaged part and the degree of the damage, still there will be a repair cost you will have to incur. In the worst case scenario, you will have to purchase a new piano.

Even a minor miscalculation or mistake can lead to broken door frames, dinged walls, scratched floors and many other damages. What if you are living in a rental house?  


Damage to the rental property and injury caused to the helping hands you have recruited can lead to a lawsuit. Even when you come clean, this has already done irreversible damage to your reputation. You can avoid these compromising positions by hiring professional piano movers in Oakland. 


Even when you are really good at DIY, there are many other good reasons for letting professionals be at the helm. There are different types of pianos having different sizes and weights. There are different types of tools and equipment required to transport the instrument. You don’t have any of these tools and equipment. So, count on professional movers.

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