Have you seen many forex bonuses in the market? The fact is that there are now many forex bonuses that brokers offer to attract more and more customers. This article will be showing more about the meaning of bonus and also, the differences among each type of the best forex bonuses in the market.

Kinds of forex bonuses

Do you know how many kinds of forex bonuses there are in the forex market? There are many types which are very attractive in the market but there are 3 main kinds of them that brokers use most. They are Forex deposit bonus, Forex welcome bonus, Lot-back bonus. However, we have to know the definition of forex bonus before finding out more about the types of them. Accordingly, a forex bonus is a reward/gift that is given to:

  • New customers of a broker who have just registered a new official account
  • Traders who have already worked for a broker

There are also many conditions to claim the bonus. Traders can easily obtain the bonus by creating a new official account at a broker. In other way, they can make a deposit and then the bonus will be transferred to their accounts immediately.

Forex welcome bonus

This is the most simple and easiest bonus type to claim. It is mostly for beginners who are new to the market. This bonus amount is not very much, however, traders can take advantage of it to learn more about forex system, trading conditions, environment… while having experience in trading forex. Therefore, old and regular traders seem not be suitable for this bonus. The condition to claim the best welcome bonus forex is very simple. You just have to create a new official account and don’t have to do anything else. However, some brokers require their customers to make a deposit to claim the bonus. But this amount is not much and it depends on the policy of each broker.

Forex deposit bonus

Every trader can apply this bonus type as long as they already have an official account at a broker or have been working with this broker. The condition is also simple that traders just have to make a deposit before they can obtain the bonus. It depends on each broker that the deposit is made either at the beginning of time or the next time. This is one of the most popular forex bonuses in the market that everyone could take and that’s why it is used by most brokers. In general, the deposit bonus rate is measured in %, such as 70%,80%,…of the total deposited amount. Now let’s take a quick look at this example. You deposit an amount of $500 to your empty account while the bonus rate is 50%. Now after the payment process, your account will be added $250 more because the rate is 50%. So your account will be $750 in total.

Lot-back bonus

It is also known as loyal bonus program. Why is it? Because this bonus type is mostly for loyal customers who have traded a long time with a broker. This bonus is like an appreciation and thanks from the best forex brokers BRKV to the loyalty of traders. How about the bonus amount? It will be the amount which is lot-back based on the total amount that has been traded. Therefore, the more transactions you have traded, the more money you will get back to your account.

Which is the best forex bonus?

Because there are now many forex bonuses in the market, it is difficult to indicate which is the best among them. Also, you will waste your time finding it, while having not much experience in trading forex, which is very dangerous. So, the best way is to find forex bonus quickly but effectively.

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