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Tips On Running A Succesful Cleaning Business

Running a business can be a daunting prospect. However, with careful planning, good resources and some luck, there is no reason why the business cannot be a successful venture.

What is the Next Stage?

The decision has been made. The office has been acquired. After that, what else is there to do? Sometimes, people do not think logically when they decide to start their own business. They think that it will be easy, but running a business is hard work. The hours are long and at the beginning, the pay will not be great. In the first year or two, it will be hard to make a profit. However, the cleaning industry is lucrative and if a person is willing to stick to it, they can be successful.

Clear Planning

This is the area where a number of businesses fail. Every business needs planning at every stage in order for the business to develop. The business owner of a professional domestic and office cleaning company will need to have a clear plan of what stage they want the business to be at in the next six months. The business owner will need to be able to adapt to any changes or to any new competition that the business will face. Where the business hasn’t reached a stage in the plan, the business owner will need to find out the reason why and act accordingly.

Tips On Running A Succesful Cleaning Business

Research Prospect Clients

This can be done via the internet. As a business, try to find out who the best prospective clients would be. Would the business be better off targeting individuals, local business or a mixture of both? Does the cleaning business want to stick to the local area or does it want to branch out further afield?

Direct Marketing

Another tip to try is direct marketing. This method can be effective if it is done correctly. As a business owner, call up a prospective client. Tell them the services that the business offers. Ask the prospective client whether they are happy with their current cleaning company. Where the prospective client says yes, be polite and advise them of the name of the business and the website address before ending the call. The prospective client may want to change their contract at a later date. Where the prospective client says no, advise them of some of the rates that the business can offer them. Agree to send a prospective client an email. The business owner should give the prospective client their name, telephone number and the website address of the business. At all stages, do not be pushy or aggressive, as this will only antagonise a prospective client. Not all people will be comfortable calling a business owner or manager, so a speculative email can be sent to the prospective client’s business email address, offering the services that the new business will offer them.


Another common marketing strategy is to draft up leaflets. These can be pushed through the letterboxes of people’s homes or be given to a passer-by by hand.


Most small businesses will do some form of advertising. It is best to advertise in a local newspaper, in order to reach out to prospective clients.

Employing the Right Staff

The cleaners that are employed need to be professional and experienced. They should be able to provide references and pass any cleaning test set for them. They need to have the right to work in the UK. The business owner can be fined or in the worst case, go to prison if a cleaner hasn’t got immigration clearance.

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