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Who says you can’t travel and still promote your business. As a serious business owner, you must be ready to promote your business whenever you can, even if you are checking out a tourist destination. However, promoting your business while traveling may be tricky as time is limited and a full sales presentation is out of the question. This is why promotional items are a great idea as these gifts will do all the marketing for you. However, not every promotional item will do because of the limitations of traveling. Worry not, below are a few important tips of using promotional items while traveling abroad or locally.

What To Look For

When traveling, your primary objective is to visit the sights and sounds; and maybe do some promotion when the opportunity presents itself. Because of this, there are a few criteria does you must look for when choosing a promotional item. Below are a few of the most important ones:

* Small – look for promotional items that are small, so you can fit plenty of them in your bag. The more you can give away the more exposure your business can have.

*Lightweight – unless you’re Superman, you can’t carry a whole lot of weight while traveling. Look for promotional items that are lightweight so you will be able to move around freely and not be bogged down by the weight of your promotional items.

* Useful – unless your promotional item is useful, it will most likely be introduced to the nearest garbage bin as people will treat such things as more of an annoyance rather than a gift.

Promote Your Brand While Traveling

A Few Examples Of The Best Promotional Items

From the criteria above, we can narrow down the kind of promotional items that are fit while you are posing for a picture while visiting your travel destination. Below are some of the best ones:

*Promotional pens – most people use pens on a daily basis. Since they are lightweight and small, you can easily give away plenty of them while traveling. To increase its effectiveness, make a connection with a person you’re giving it to. Furthermore, promotional pens are affordable, especially when you buy it in bulk.

*USB adapters – whenever visiting a tourist attraction, chances are you will see a lot of tourists carrying around their smartphones and tablets. All of these gadgets have one thing in common, they need power. Why don’t you help them by giving them a USB-to-AC adapters; and of course, it has your business details as a form of promotion.

*Power Banks – smartphones and tablets are getting faster and more powerful than ever. However, without juice, these gadgets are next to useless. That is why power banks are great promotional items to help them give that extra juice the last their gadgets a little while longer. Don’t forget to put your logo and contact details of your business on the promotional power banks.


It’s possible to merge leisure and business together. That is why there’s no reason why you can’t promote your business while traveling. Just be sure to use promotional items that are lightweight, useful and small. Examples of these are pens, USB adapters and power banks.

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