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5 Questions to Ponder When Considering POS Software for Cannabis Sales

The cannabis industry is a reality no one can ignore. With twenty-nine states already legalizing medical marijuana, and another eight legalizing its recreational use the days of its illegality are at an end. This means that numerous marijuana depositories are about to get a bump into legitimate business. This also means that mainstream retailers will also have the future opportunity to sell cannabis as well. In order for current depositories remain open they will have to enter the legitimate struggle legitimate business presents. Step one, find a good point of sale system.

POS systems provide the management needed for retail businesses. The software optimizes regular services like inventory management, processing, sales, training, compliance, and record keeping. As there is a wealth of software options available both medical and recreational cannabis businesses need to be careful in their choices. Here are 5 questions to ask when evaluating a POS for cannabis retail.

User Friendly

The interface design and overall experience of using the software should be taken into consideration. There are many programs specifically made for the unique parameters of cannabis retail. Such programs offer different setups. A good setup is the kind that is easy to use, easy to understand, and improves the quality of consumer interactions.


Good software offers on-site training that applies to real-time transactions. Definitely useful for retail enterprises that experience a lot of employee turnover. Budtending is just like being a barista. It is part-time to fall-time job that many employees do not keep. This is a standard problem in retail. POS software needs to be easy to learn and offer on-site training while actually servicing customers. This saves time and allows new hires to work the floor.


Despite the ever bringing mainstream cannabis experiences, it is still an illegal drug in many states. Only 8 offer it recreationally, which means the ones permitted to sell it medically walk a fine line. Software that focuses on compliance ensures that permits, regulations, and statues are always up to date and observed. This prevents cannabis dispensers from being in violation. The software also takes into account state by state variations.

Advanced Reporting

POS software also makes regular reporting less of a hassle as well. Daily reporting is a serious mandate for many states and requires 100% accuracy. The reports track everything that was sold. POS software keeps count of these factors and creates an easy way to generate reports. This saves managers from dealing with a tedious process.


A good system also requires emergency backup capability. This can save business millions in the event of an infrastructure failure. All necessary records from sales, to inventory, to customer loyalty points can be gathered and saved in one spot. If the system experiences a failure the records can be accessed to restore all information. This means the software has to be stable, strong, and ultimately dependable. This is a huge factor to consider in allowing your business to thrive.

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