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Print Management, Business Style

The times are a-changing. And when it comes to managing your business, that change may seem to happen at a rapid-fire pace.

One area that has changed dramatically in recent years has everything to do with document transmission. More than 25 years ago, documents were transmitted by postal service mail or hand delivery. There wasn’t anything else available. Then briefly fax machines became the rage as documents were transmitted by phone line.

With the rise of the Internet, yet another way of sending and receiving documents arose — electronic mail. Documents can now be signed, sent and forwarded online, essentially eliminating print management or at least significantly reducing it. With a greatly reduced business process and workflow, it may be time to evaluate how you conduct business. Read on for some tips on print management, business style.

Print Management, Business Style

1. Consider the Fundamentals

You have invoices, statements and other documentation you produce on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and a yearly basis. Chances are you have a lot to manage and may find yourself drowning in paper and paperwork. Here, you want to examine what you do to determine if everything you send should be disseminated in the same way.

For instance, you might automatically transition your non-sensitive documents to email. In doing so, you’ll automate an important process. Then, examine all the different forms you produce, including those that have strict regulatory and compliance requirements with them.

Consider outsourcing the rest of your work. Contact companies that specialize in transactional printing to determine if they’re able to handle your work. Get estimates, ask for references, call the references and discuss with your management team the option of outsourcing. It’s a big move that goes beyond mere outsourcing as it can involve a personnel reduction if you’re not able to find jobs for people within your company.

2. Security is everything

As you consider your options, security is everything. Outsourcing potentially can expose you to trouble if you hire the wrong company. Ensure that the print management company has a long track record of handling this type of work.

When outsourcing sensitive documentation such as invoices and statements, you should understand the company’s processes and protocol for accomplishing the work. This means grasping what security and safety procedures are in place and understanding how your documents are protected. The last thing you want is to deal with a company that is lax in their print management oversight explains the Microdynamics Group.

3. Count the Cost

On the surface, outsourcing may cost you more per piece of mail sent. That higher cost shouldn’t dissuade you, however, as savings may be realized elsewhere.

As mentioned, if you eliminate or reduce your in-house printing, then you stand to save on personnel. You also may be able to reduce your fixed-base footprint, saving you additional money. Over the long term your cost savings may be dramatic, underscoring the importance of seriously considering outsourcing.

What’s Right for You

No matter how you choose to move forward, carefully considering all options is a wise choice. Another option is to outsource a small portion of your print management needs in a bid to test the effectiveness of this decision.

If the test process works, you can outsource more in increments. You might also keep a portion of the work in-house if security sensitivity issues weigh in.

Lastly, once you outsource your print management needs, then consider what other work you have that can be handled by others. For instance, if you have a blog and you need fresh content, a freelance content writer can handle that work. Outsourcing isn’t always an easy decision, so always work with companies and individuals who are wholly suited to handle the work.

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