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Concern for power saving is one of the main reasons why people go for quality insulation of homes.  If the insulation of your home is not up to the mark then it is evident that there are possibilities of high rate of heat transfer from cracks and openings in various places along the walls. When this happens, the air conditioners are over worked  in dealing with extra heat load and you land up paying much more than what you are actually supposed tom pay for your utility power bills. Plugging all gaps and openings of the building effectively with proper insulation will lower the heat transfer rate, reduce the load on air conditioners and you have to pay less for power bills.

What You Should Know To Select The Right Kind Of Insulation For Homes

There are companies that undertake attic insulation in Glendale Arizona which can be entrusted with the job of insulating your home. But when you decide to get the insulation done, it is just not enough to locate the best service provider. You should know the basics about insulation so that you can make a well informed choice instead of accepting everything prima facie that the service provider offers you. This will give you the satisfaction of knowing the worth of the job that you are paying for which will also help you to justify the spending.

Know the R-value

Insulation is related to flow of heat and is denoted by R-value which is an indication of the degree of resistance to heat flow that is offered by a material. Therefore, when you think of insulating your home you should first ascertain your target R-value which impacts other decisions that you take in relation to insulation materials and some other aspects.  In northern Arizona and Western Arizona the R- value in the attic is recommended at 60. The higher the R-value the better is the quality of insulation material and the more energy efficient it is.

Insulation Materials

There are three types of insulation materials that are commonly used.

  • Mineral Wool – The main constituent of this insulation is about 75% recycled material that is made available in the form of rock wool or slag wool. This is available in rolls or can be loose-fill. Mineral wool is not much preferred by users who are more inclined to the other two varieties.
  • Fiber glass – Made from fine glass fibers, this skin irritating material has to be handled with adequate precaution as its exposure to skin can cause irritation and itching sensation on the skin. It is mandatory to use hand gloves and long sleeves clothing when using this insulation.
  • Cellulose – Like newsprint, cellulose is an eco-friendly product that is obtained from recycled wood fibers. Its R- value is very high and it is available in loose fill type which is very commonly used.

Form of Insulation

Insulation materials are usually available in the form of elongated rolls or are available in loose fill condition that can be assimilated together by using a blower. Depending on the place of installation, you can make a choice of the form that would be best for your use.

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