Home Business Topic: 5 Things To Identify Different Religions

People in the world belong to different traditions, have different values and norms and they often follow different religions as well. Of those who belong to particular religion, most of the things they do are attributed to the principles set by their respective religions. More often, they follow their religious practices on the following occasions.

Topic 5 Things To Identify Different Religions

  1. Celebrating occasions
  • Christians celebrate Christmas and Good Friday all over the world
  • Hindus celebrate Diwali and Holi
  • Muslims celebrate two occasions; Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha
  1. Birth of a child
  • Most Christians go to church to baptize their child, and give name to him.
  • Muslims sacrifice halal farm animals and conduct circumcision on their children
  1. Eatables

Other than these, there are other aspects in which people follow their religion rather strictly, such as eating and doing business. In fact, when it comes to eating, Muslims and Jews have rather strict rules. They tend to eat particular meat (halal or kosher) of select animals (mostly farm animals), including chicken, goat, cow and camel. As far as other religions are concerned, meat is prohibited in Hinduism while there is no restriction in Christianity (as seen from the present trend).

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  1. Dressing

There is a whole lot of options when it comes to dressing. Items such as “Abaya” or scarf is common in Muslim women, while skirt is common in non-Muslims, especially Jews and Christians.

Moreover, Sari and other such stuff is quite common among Hindus, but not so common among Muslims. In fact, Muslims have always been questioned on their dressing choice, why?

Well, largely, Muslims around the world follow the teachings of Islam, according to which:

  • For Muslim male, the part from belly to the knees must always be covered with cloth
  • For Muslim female, every part of the body except for palms, toes and face should be covered with a non-transparent cloth.

However, in Christian or other religions, rules are relatively different. So, they have more choices when it comes to dressing.

Here, it is worth mentioning that people who don’t follow any religion, but have their names relating to certain religion, may appear to negate the practices of their religion, which is entirely their personal matter, and the religion has nothing to do with it.

  1. Business

Other than these 4 aspects, the way people conduct their businesses is another thing that separates one religion from others. However, in today’s global market, it is rather impossible to find out which practice is allowed according to which religion and which practice has been prohibited. However, Islam orders people to conduct Interest-free business.

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