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cloud CRM software

CRM is rightfully considered to be the most efficient tool to manage customer relationships. The idea implies close monitoring, logging and analyzing customer activity as well as constant interaction, which turns leads into full-fledged paying clients. Mainly, it is aimed at sales growth through implementation of automated business processes. The system collects as much customer related data as possible that includes, but not limited to, customers’ activity on your website, their purchase log, career history etc. CRM consists of three branches: Analytical, Operational and Collaborative. Analytical branch is CRM’s “brain” that unifies all the data processing operations, which give you the results for further marketing campaigns and current state of customer activities. Operational branch is the collection of automated customer-centric services, including support centers, sales dashboards and so forth. Collaborative branch is dedicated to partnership processes that are aimed to make assisted sales and interaction with vendors and resellers easier.

cloud CRM software

Why Cloud CRM Software went to Cloud at the First Place?

Everything is moving there these days. The necessity to access the software from multiple gadgets at any given time and location has made online CRM solutions so popular. Small companies, ROBO (remote offices and branch offices), middle and large enterprises – companies of any scale benefit from cloud CRM software. While the larger ones enjoy their own private cloud, deployed on their own dedicated hardware, smaller businesses typically go for public cloud services provided by numerous vendors including giants like Microsoft. The reason for such a great popularity of this technology lies in these  benefits:

Cloud services are easy to use. You will be able to use the system to its full potential without having to be a technology specialist or have a programming background. There are no other requirements for special skills or additional training. Implementing an advanced cloud CRM software is like hitting the bull’s-eye because intuitive interface can help your team navigate in the system.  Out-of-the-box processes in https://www.bpmonline.com/ will help you meet and beat your business goals while simplifying daily routine and increasing customer loyalty – just follow clear guidelines for each step of the process.

Cloud services are cost-efficient. Deployment of a cloud-based solution has become the most sensible option for companies of any size since they are freed from the necessity of buying your own servers and extra staff whose only job would be IT management. All you have to do is pay for the service on a regular basis (monthly or annually) and you have your CRM available round-the-clock.

Cloud services are reliable. You need the system online 24/7, especially if you want to deliver excellent customer service on every stage of customer journey and your company works worldwide. The steady operation of your marketing, sales and service teams is essential if you want to maintain a constant dialog with your customers. With locally hosted CRM software, downtime may be quite a typical issue. Planned or unplanned maintenance, power surges, natural disaster and more reasons can bring the service down, basically stealing your money from you.

Cloud CRM software is equipped with upgraded security features to avoid potential data breaches or any occurring glitches.

bpmonline cloud CRM software

Last, but not least, it’s the performance. Due to its nature, CRM software is resource-hungry, as it needs to process large volumes of customer-oriented data. The more clients you are tracking and analyzing, the more throughput you need. You need to define what exactly you expect from your CRM solution: you don’t want it to be an overkill, so you can customize it and use the tools you need most.

How to choose Cloud CRM Software Among Many

While choosing CRM as a primary profit-generating tool in your company, you cannot grab what you see first, because such a mistake might cost you dearly. Every lost lead is a missed opportunity, which results in decreased profits. When cloud CRM software is considered, the good idea is to follow a systematic approach to your choice. You should take a look at existing customers of the software vendor. It’s not a common thing to lie about partners and clients because such things are usually closely monitored by the legal authorities. Do not forget to check out the case studies that are available on vendor’s website. In addition, have a look at industry’s experts reviews: if you found a CRM system you’d like to deploy in analysts reviews – it’s what you may choose. If not, don’t take any chances.

Lastly, never go for a software vendor that does not let you test-drive the system before you buy it. Such approach might indicate that their products is half-baked, to say the least. Free trials are a sign of vendor’s confidence in their product, as you can assess the features of their software. The trial period may also be long enough for you to see actual results and when it comes to CRM, results mean sales growth and higher revenues.

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