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How To Become A Money Saver

If you’ve never been much of a money saver it can be difficult to change into one overnight, especially if you have the pressure of something you really want to put money aside for, whether it’s a holiday, a new home, car, or necessities for your career or study. Here are a few tips on how to become someone who can put aside money at regular intervals.

How To Become A Money Saver

A New Mind-set

 It is easy enough to go through life thinking you’ll never be able to save money, to put aside enough from your wage for a rainy day fund. We’re not saying it’ll be a simple thing to start doing, but it is never impossible, it’s all about changing your perspective on your life and how to save. There are a few ways in which you can change your approach to saving money, but first of all you have to believe it is possible, even if it begins with small amounts each payday.

Budget Each Month

If you don’t know your incomings and outgoings intimately, start to get familiar with them. Make a list or spread sheet off all of your finances and from there, budget accordingly. Have your essentials listed and if you are serious about saving money, stop spending it on items you don’t really need.  Do you really need to spend money on that cup of coffee as you walk through town? Can you cut down your trips to the cinema or on items of clothing that aren’t a necessity? Think things through and put that money into a savings account instead.

Incentivise Your Savings

Of course, the biggest incentive is the thing you want to primarily save for, but in the meantime why not turn your saving goals into different games. So for instance, you can set yourself a target to save a certain amount each month. You can take the money each day that you would spend on the bus and put that away, and walk, or the money you would normally spend on a coffee or a bar of chocolate to one side. As you see the money start to build you’ll be more likely to want to add to it!

Be Creative with Your Money Making

There are countless ways you can make some extra money. If you feel like you are able to take on a part-time job beside your current job, why not take a look into some small hours somewhere that will give you that extra bit of money to put aside. You can take part in bake sales, car boot sales; sell your old, and now unused, CDs and DVDs to online retailers or via eBay or Gumtree.

Changing your ways to become better at saving money isn’t an easy task and certainly won’t be achieved overnight, we hope that these few tips will help start you off on your journey. Incentivise and look at the things you buy in a different way and you’ll start to see a difference.

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