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Why Use PTFE Smooth Bore Hose Pipe?

PTFE smooth bore hose pipe has a number of advantages over other hose and tubing types. Made from PTFE, the same material used in Teflon and high-intensity non-stick industrial applications across the world, these hoses benefit from the impressive material and chemical properties of the PTFE as well as the design advantages and mechanical strengths of Proflex Hose design.

Coupled with a braided exterior made from bright hard drawn steel wire, braided for maximum protection against pressure expansion and external damage. Lined with PTFE smooth bore hose pipe, this pipe is extraordinarily resistant to chemical build-up and resists the development of plaques within the pipe bore, making it an effective self-cleaning pipe. But what are the other reasons to use flexible PTFE tubing?

Temperature Resistance

PTFE smooth bore hose pipe is usable at a wide range of temperatures, remaining useful at temperatures spanning from -70°C to 230°C. This makes it ideal for use at varying temperatures, although it is not suitable for extremely high or low-temperature applications, such as in steelmaking or other metal smelting and piping.

Chemical Resistance

As well as an impressive temperature resistance, flexible PTFE tubing is phenomenally resistant to chemical attack, with PTFE boasting one of the most robust chemical resistances of any known material. Thanks to the extremely strong bonds between fluorine and carbon, the material is very stable and can be used to pipe a variety of powerful chemicals including acids, petrochemicals, and strong reducers, making it invaluable in the chemical production industry.

Physical Durability

PTFE smooth bore hose pipe is also physically durable, thanks partially to the tough material of its smooth lining and the braiding applied to it by Proflex Hose. Made from braided stainless steel, this sheath adds considerable protection to the already-tough PTFE hose, and ensures a long dynamic flex life, making sure that you get a flexible PTFE hose that is cost-effective and efficient.

Self-Cleaning Ability

PTFE is also sometimes known as Teflon – a realization which outlines exactly how difficult it is for chemicals or substances to stick to the inside of the pipe, forming a plaque or creating the risk of build-up or microbial growth and contamination. Thanks to its non-stick interior, the flow of fluid through the pipe will make sure that the pipe cleans itself, requiring no cleaning on your part.

If you are interested in the unique properties of flexible PTFE tubing, and you would like to speak to a smooth-bore hosing expert, or if you would like to request a quote or place an order for flexible PTFE tubing for your business to take advantage of its unique abilities for yourself, you can do so by calling Proflex Hose today on 01257 220 010 or visiting their website, linked above! The experts at the Proflex Hosehead office will be happy to discuss your needs and help you find a perfect PTFE smooth bore hose to suit you and your business requirements. Get in touch today!

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