Home Business Ready to Redesign? Style Ideas That Can Make Your Café Look Cozier

People can go to any fast food drive-thru for a cup of coffee. They come to a café for an experience. Cafés are more than just a great place to grab a premium coffee or decadent pastry. Individuals of all ages consider cafés destinations. The following style ideas will help you create a cozy ambiance for your customers.

Soften Your Lighting

Modern living is full of bright light. To encourage your patrons to relax, consider placing ambient lighting throughout your establishment. Wall sconces add a little light and quite a bit of appeal. Track lighting communicates class without unpleasant glare.

Add a Quiet Corner or Two

Since many of your customers think of the café as a place to relax or enjoy a quiet conversation, create some quiet spaces. Draw attention to a preexisting alcove with a table lamp or a few plush chairs. If you don’t have such a space, you can easily make one by partitioning off a small area with a bookcase or couch.

Lay a Brick Floor

In addition to some quiet conversation, many customers want an escape from their day-to-day concerns. Dairy brick flooring has a certain aesthetic appeal to it. It is found throughout European outdoor cafés and other gathering spots. This durable material lends charm and sophistication while providing a durable flooring option. It’s also low maintenance, making clean up easier on your employees. You can talk to companies like Archway Brick and Tile about options for your café.

Play With Texture

To make your café feel more home-like, consider adding some art that appeals to the senses. One sense that many people overlook is touch. Mix and match silky, velvety, and smooth textures for a touch of luxury your customers will enjoy. Since everyone’s idea of comfort is different, don’t be afraid to include some simpler wooden furniture.

Scatter Some Fun Surprises

Café goers aren’t all looking for adventure, but many will appreciate a few fun surprises. Set up a few board games or place them on a centrally located bookcase for easy access. Add a few small toys such as a slinky, spinning top, or a magic screen drawing toy for the younger or young-at-heart set. Place some magazines, newspapers, and books around your space for patrons looking for a classic café experience.

When you take a few moments to envision your customers, and the experiences they crave, creating a cozier space is simple. Whether you focus on your lighting, flooring, furniture, or accessories, your patrons will have a warmer, more welcoming place to enjoy. You’ll soon find that a cozier café is a more successful one.

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