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How Can A Building Surveyor Help Protect Your Next Construction Project?

Building surveyors are in high demand for a reason. They are essential to completing a competent construction project and can help in a broad number of areas. The job title of a chartered building surveyor has specific requirements that people must meet to help ensure quality. Here are four ways that hiring a building surveyor can help protect your next construction project.

Conducting Proper Surveys

The ability to conduct quality surveys is critical to a building surveyor’s job. It’s in their title, after all. Building surveys are essential to a construction project because they mean that the company has thoroughly examined the construction and services of the site and can reasonably estimate the impact of the property’s condition on the client. These surveys are in-depth and extensive. 

However, building consultants do not just do building surveys. There are many surveys involved in construction projects. Measured surveys require taking precise measurements of a site or building for later representation at a reduced size. It is another survey that is crucial to get correct. You need to make sure these critical surveys get done correctly.

Finding Defects and Issuing Maintenance Advice

Most construction projects will face unforeseen problems. The goal of hiring a building surveyor is to avoid as many of these hurdles as possible. Unexpected issues can impact the budget and time constraints of a project. If it is hazardous enough, it can put your entire construction in jeopardy. Building surveyors are trained to find defects in the site and assess the needed maintenance.

Negotiating Dilapidations Claims

Building consultants are required to have a familiarity with laws pertaining to buildings. This knowledge is vital if any dilapidation claims occur. Dilapidation claims are when a landlord files against their tenant. It covers the expenses of repairing the property at the end of the lease and any lost rent while the renovations occur. Like most legal situations, it can be quite a headache to manage without an expert. Building consultants can often help you negotiate the scary world of dilapidations claims.

Giving Property Legislation Advice

One of the other responsibilities of a building surveyor is giving property legislation advice. Property legislation advice is something crucial for construction projects as the property and site mean everything. If something comes up, it could make or break your project. Having a thorough and experienced building surveyor on hand means they will give you property legislation advice on problems that would impact the building.

Of course, the most vital role of a building surveyor is still to document the building and conduct a survey on its condition and viability. However, most people don’t realize that this role requires an insanely broad range of skills, like property legislation advice. Hiring a professional chartered building surveyor and using them effectively could protect your construction project in many areas.

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