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Marketing On The Go: Use These 7 Apps With Your Tablet For Mobile Marketing

For the modern marketing professional, work has to go wherever you go. Tablets, it seems, were designed with the modern marketing pro in mind. With the power of a laptop and the mobility of a smartphone, tablets are changing the way mobile marketing is done. There are a million marketing apps that all promise to supercharge your mobile-marketing strategy with your laptop as home base. As with all apps, some are better than others. Follow this guide to picking the best of the tablet-based marketing apps.

Club Texting

The overwhelming majority of text messages are read within minutes. Text messaging is about the only method that virtually guarantees your message will be read by your prospects, wherever they are. Club Texting has a feature rich web-based app that enables you to build sophisticated SMS Marketing campaigns without a lot of hassle.

Marketing On The Go: Use These 7 Apps With Your Tablet For Mobile Marketing

Splashtop for Business

Splashtop’s wildly successful remote-desktop and app-share program has an entire branch dedicated to businesses that is perfect for a marketer on the go. Robust, reliable and designed with tablets in mind, Splashtop gives you – and your team – access to all of your marketing apps no matter where you are. With no hardware to install or software to download, it’s easy to set up and is known for security and stability. It’s so mobile that it can follow you wherever you go – this global app is designed to work internationally, across the planet.


When it comes to mobile marketing, social media has opened up a whole new world of opportunities. Facebook and Twitter, however, require near constant attention. Buffer was designed to make social-media marketing easier, more consistent and seamless from your tablet. More than 1.2 million people rely on Buffer to handle custom scheduling, multiple accounts, team-member access and detailed analytics. In today’s world, social-media management is one of the backbones of mobile marketing. Instead of separate accounts with separate apps for Twitter, Facebook and everything else, centralize and simplify your social-media marketing.

Vocus Marketing Cloud

Vocus marketing software is a full-service, mobile software suite. You can coordinate campaigns and harness the power of social customer relationship management – all from your tablet. With Vocus Buying Signals, you can always make sure you’re talking to the right prospects at the right time. Dazzle customers with customizable emails, landing pages and news releases, and get an overview of what drives likes, opens, click-throughs and conversions with an analytics platform that is truly integrated. Vocus’ centralized dashboard puts your entire marketing universe in one mobile place.


SEMTab tracks domain rankings across various search-engine marketing, search-engine optimization, and social-media metrics – all from the comfort of your tablet. No matter where you are, you can get information and data about domain rankings, Google Page Rank, backlinks, inbound links and Alexa rank. You can also get social-share information from Twitter, Facebook, and Delicious, such as Twitter URL mentions, Facebook shares, comments and likes, as well as how you’re doing on Delicious bookmarks. SEMTab boasts multiple domain support.

Marketing Plan Premier (Apple only)

Created by a PHD professor with more than 20 years of experience, Marketing Plan Premier is a mobile app that designs tailor-made strategies for each user. Using pre-fab examples and tons of content, the app actually builds a customized marketing campaign for the user. Everything from competitor analysis to pricing to ad content to personal selling is analyzed. Once your strategy is created, you’ll then be able to define your target customer, increase sales and improve your overall marketing strategy.

Quick Win

Based on the book by Annmarie Hanlon and Joanna Akins, Quick Win acts as the ultimate mobile marketer’s information database. Jump into and out of the app as needed to get answers to questions as they arise. Your tablet will be equipped with an introduction to digital marketing techniques and tools and an explanation of how your business can use them. You’ll also get answers as to how you can use digital marketing techniques and tools to promote your business, products and services. Questions about blogs, email marketing, surveys, social media and more will come with answers when your tablet takes on Quick Win.

Tablets seem like they were built for marketing. Mobile, powerful and fully customizable through the use of apps, tablets can streamline your marketing campaign – and make it go wherever you go. Finding the right app can turn your tablet into your marketing campaign’s headquarters. Whether it’s SEO, SEM, social-media marketing or anything in between, your tablet can do it – with the right app. 

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