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When you set out to find the right public relations agency for your business, there are many considerations to make. First and foremost, you need to find an agency that is skilled both in understanding how the public and elected officials are swayed to think and act in certain ways and in understanding how to react to and use digital outlets to defend and promote your brand.Essential Qualities Of Any Worthy Public Relations Agency

The best agencies have experienced personnel, like former trained investigators, news reporters, communications experts, national security professionals, lawyers and Justice Department officials. You need to work with people who don’t merely understand how change is made, but how to really put plans into action. Without having inside knowledge of the media and government, a PR agency won’t be able to interact with public opinion or incite change very well.

You need to rely on your agency in a vast number of situations, litigation communications being one of them. In the event of litigation, you need more than facts to defend your company. Most of the time, you need the help of skilled litigators to match the case facts with policy or legal arguments in order to even begin to shift audiences to your desired outcomes.

Of course, aside from litigation, you’ll need your public relations agency to know when and what to communicate with the public at every turn. Sometimes being incredibly transparent in disclosing negative earnings can have great value in the long run because you’ll be showing your honesty to potential investors, but sometimes such transparency will scare customers and shareholders away. Understanding how to respond to challenges put forth by activists, knowing when to promote mergers and acquisitions and having the ability to properly justify divestitures are all necessary if you hope to control the public narrative that surrounds your business and brand. In the digital world, a weak narrative is extremely harmful to your continued growth and success.

Developing Connections

In addition to properly defending your company and brand, your New York public relations agency needs to be able to actively pursue and develop deep, emotional connections with the public. Without those emotional bonds, you can’t influence consumer and stakeholder beliefs and actions. However, developing emotional connections is still a very subtle and tricky craft, and it requires compelling content, tactical expertise, strategic insights and more so that you and your agency can make the smartest, most informed decisions for the greatest value possible.

Diverting Attacks

Sometimes businesses aren’t fortunate enough to be constantly developing positive connections and need to be on the defensive once in a while. In the digital age, a viral attack can nearly instantly cripple your company and brand, and you need to treat any such attacks with the most severe importance. In order to properly divert any threat, you need both information and the ability to present it in a far more memorable way than the attack would ever be, and you and your agency must have the skill to use digital media to spread the counterattack. Find the right PR agency and you’ll be safe and allowed to grow continuously for a long time to come.

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