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Looking for new ways to market your beauty business? Turn to YouTube! Beauty tutorials and other videos related to the beauty industry have become big business online, and your share of the market is waiting. Here are some tips for setting up shop on YouTube.

Beauty Business Marketing On YouTube

Find your Market

What is your business’s beauty niche? Whether you’re an expert on hair care or have an amazing eye for applying makeup, finding your market is the first step to building a YouTube channel. This is an important first step because knowing your market will then guide each video’s content, help with SEO planning and more.

Stand Out

The next step after you’ve found your market online is to research your competition. Entering a saturated market is not the way to market your beauty business on YouTube. Rather, learn what your competitors are doing online and find ways to stand out from the crowd.

For example, rather than re-creating an eyebrow shaping tutorial that’s already been produced by several other beauty marketers, create a video review of several eyebrow pencils, including price comparisons, qualities and tips for using each product. Producing original content is the best way to capture your corner of the market.

Strive for Quality

A great way to stand out from the masses of beauty tutorials on YouTube is by producing quality videos, every time. Use high quality video and audio equipment and, if possible, recruit someone to manage the video camera. Details to consider prior to developing your first video include the backdrop, lighting, target video length and script.

Create Consistent Branding

Create a professional image by developing consistent branding for your beauty marketing videos. According to The Amazing Rise of Beauty Videos, consistent branding shows that you’re a credible business, that audiences can trust your content and that you know what you’re doing. Start by developing a logo that can be watermarked onto each video. If you’re the face of the business, use a professional headshot for your YouTube profile pic. Develop a brief business description and use that description on each of your online presences.

Cross Promote your Content

Want more bang your video production buck? Cross promote the videos you post on YouTube to your other online presences. For example, if you also manage Twitter and Facebook pages for your beauty business, post links to the videos on those pages to drive more traffic over to YouTube. Videos also make great additions to blog posts.

Consider your Keywords

After creating a quality beauty video tutorial, you want to extend its reach as far as possible. Do this by selecting the video’s keywords with care. When choosing keywords to pair with a YouTube video, consider such factors as which terms properly describe the video’s content, which phrases online audiences are using to search for videos like yours and more. Properly selected keywords will make the video visible to more users and can also help increase your search engine rankings.

Want to market your beauty business in new ways? Tap into the power of YouTube. When planned, created and launched strategically, beauty tutorials can bring great exposure online. Stand out from the competition by striving for quality, creating consistent branding and cross promoting your content.

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