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With a throng of specialties under her name, Julie Roehm, does not believe in fear when it comes to marketing. She is a woman of brilliance and possesses no ordinary wit. Being affiliated with a lot of companies indicates the demand for her working abilities. Clients are aspiring to get a hold of her because of her remarkable intelligence and vast experience in almost all types of business or industry.

She is a graduate from Purdue University with a degree in civil engineering and had an MBA at University of Chicago. Her education and intelligence allows her to end up in various high positions in big companies. She is currently the SVP of Marketing at SAP and regarded as a Chief Storyteller. SAP is a German multinational software company that makes business software to manage business operations and customer relations.

A Closer Look On Julie Roehm

Achievements in Walmart

She was previously hired by Walmart Stores, Inc., an American multinational corporation that operates a chain of discounted department stores and warehouse stores. At Walmart she led the way for bold changes in marketing strategies which resulted to positive profitability. She thought of unconventional ways and strategies to increase the brand image of Walmart which in effect has positive effects with the consumers. She went for innovative ways to achieve a favourable new consumers’ perception for the company and the brand in general.

Chrysler Group Stint

And who says girls cannot take over the predominantly men’s industry? Julie Roehm took over an American automobile manufacturer by being the Director of Marketing Communications for Chrysler Group. Chrysler is regarded as one of the big three automobile manufacturers in America. It has a worldwide following for selling high quality automobiles such as Chrysler brand, as well as Dodge, Jeep and Ram. She was in-charge of media purchasing, auto shows, sponsorships and partnerships, branded events and many more. She was responsible for the creation of the most important ad tags ever presented: Dodge. Grab Life by the Horn. She believes in provocative and controversial strategies and tactics. She is daring and believes that doing daring and bold moves get you ahead from the pack and because of these moves, people notice you, consumers notice you.She aims for marketing strategies to be different, not to be ordinary, not boring. She does not want to go with the flow in her strategies. She believes in utilizing creativity to get a desirable and unparalleled result.

Business industries will have a hard time forgetting a bold marketing strategist like Julie Roehm. She is bold and is not afraid to take on every challenge thrown her way. Every responsibility assigned to her she takes it willingly knowing in her mind she can come up with steps and solutions that would make various industries look up to her. She is like a fortune teller in the business. She foresees what consumers would need. She calculates her every move and is not careless when formulating winning strategies. Because of these abilities, she always come out on top of every challenge.

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