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Facebook has over 1 billion active monthly users who like and comment more than 3 billion times every day. Word-of-mouth marketing in today’s digital age is translated into likes, comments and other proof on social media. It is represented by a small business’s success and influence on social networks  such as Facebook. Here are some tips and tricks small business owners can use to better connect with their respective audiences on the platform

Know your Fans

You must understand what your fans care about to get them to talk about your business. Use Facebook Insights to find the posts that spark the most conversations and shares. Try posting more stuff along those guidelines. You should also make use of the Facebook Page Posts ads which are a great way for reaching a wider audience. These ads have a social context related to each user and are hence more effective.

Be Unique

Newsfeeds of Facebook users are full of a number of posts and they probably don’t have enough time to go through each one. It is vital to maintain your individuality by posting unique content instead of clichéd updates. Your posts should represent your business as well as be short and to-the-point. It’s not easy to capture the attention of your customers so you need to get your creative juices flowin

6 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Be Regular

It is important to maintain a constant relationship with your fans. Just like you don’t  lose touch with your friends, you shouldn’t lose contact with your fans. Although there are no hard and fast rules about the frequency of posts, do make sure that your fans have not forgotten about you the next time you post.

Have Conversations

Engage your customers by having conversations with them. Ask them questions and make them feel involved in your business decisions. It will also help you get active feedback from your customers. Facebook’s Question feature also allows you to gather feedback from customers with minimal effort from them. Another good way is to post fill-in-the-blanks posts.


There are thousands of businesses on Facebook; customers need an incentive to maintain their interest in yours. These rewards may be in the form of competitions and special offers

Be Relevant

Staying relevant is the key to getting your business noticed. Post about international or local issues e.g. Mother’s Day, Independence Day etc.

Although you can also Buy Likes to rapidly increase the outreach of your small Business Page, keeping your customers naturally engaged in it is entirely up to you. So follow all these tips to get the most out of your social media presence!

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