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By selling travel insurance to a client, you do them a service, you do a service to your agency and you protect yourself while boosting your bottom line. But there is still an industrywide imbalance between the number of tours and cruises booked, and the number of insurance policies sold. Here are some tips for selling more travel insurance.

3 Travel Insurance Sales Tips

Travel Insurance: It Should Sell Itself!

The time between when the trip is booked and the plane takes off is a minefield of uncertainty. Between those times, any number of elements could conspire to cut the trip short or force its outright cancelation. According to RoamRight, these circumstances usually leave the customer on the hook for most or all of the cost of everything from tickets to non-refundable deposits. Explain to customers that your effort to get them insured is not about boosting their bill. It’s about protecting them from missed connections, trip interruptions and work or family-related emergencies.

Understand and Appreciate the Product in Order to Sell It

As discussed in the article “Why You Should Be Selling More Insurance (And How To Do It),” the first step to selling more insurance is understanding the product. Once you understand insurance well enough to field the many questions you are sure to receive, you’ll have a better appreciation for its value. People generally expect up-selling and add-on gimmicks. But insurance is no gimmick – you have a professional obligation to do all you can to convince customers to protect themselves. Once you understand and appreciate the value of insurance, you’ll be far more able to convince others of the same.

Know Your Clients

Insurance policies are like clients – every one is unique. Before you can sell insurance to your clients, you have to have an intimate understanding of their habits and needs. Only then can you recommend the appropriate level of coverage. Will they be traveling more than once during the year? If so, is their coverage annual? Will they be renting a car? If so, they should consider adding collision and loss coverage. Will they be traveling with children or other family members? Are they traveling somewhere where extreme weather is likely? Selling is about understanding needs, which requires asking the right questions.

Selling insurance becomes much easier when you understand the value it provides to clients. If you don’t feel like you’re selling a gimmick or a trick, neither will even the most skeptical clients. Insurance protects them from huge losses associated with everything from cancelations to car accidents. They need insurance, and its your job to let them know.

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