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3 Easy Ways to Turn Prospects into Leads in 2018

If running your business were like fishing, throwing your hook in the water would be marketing, the fish would be your prospect, and if the fish gives your bait a nibble, it would then be a lead. But how do you get the fish to take interest in your bait, and move further down your sales funnel? Let’s go over three easy ways you can turn your prospects into leads in 2018.

Offering Value

Value based marketing isn’t exactly a new concept, it’s been around ever since the idea of offering free samples has existed. However, these days you have many options when it comes to providing value through your marketing efforts. This has the effect of building trust and credibility among your prospects as well.

You can offer your prospects value by running a blog loaded with useful info, offering free consultations, or creating a mailing list. The key is to find something you can give your prospects that doesn’t cost you a lot of time and money, yet still has a decent amount of value to them. Since we’re living in the information age, giving useful info such as advice, tips, and hacks, is a good example of a low cost value based marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing

While mobile marketing may not be as talked about as email marketing among the Internet marketing crowd, it has the potential to be much more powerful. That said, mobile marketing is a technique that tends to require a bit more strategy, budget, and resources than email marketing. The big payoff is that converting prospects to leads through mobile marketing tends to be much easier than email marketing if you know what you’re doing.

Once again, the key to being successful with mobile marketing is giving your prospect value. For example, you may have an offer than promises “text alerts sent to your phone“. People are bombarded with texts these days so to make your messages standout, you must offer value. If you can do that, converting prospects to leads through mobile marketing is easy.

Get Your Prospects to Talk to You Directly

This may not be feasible for all businesses, but if you can get a prospect to pick up the phone and call you, or to shoot you an email or text message, then you’ve just converted them into a lead. This is essentially the modern embodiment of the old sales saying “getting your foot in the door.” If you can get your prospects to reach out and contact you, then you’re pretty much half way to the sale already.

The key to getting your prospects to contact you is, once again, offering value. This could be a free consultation, or something as simple as offering more info on your products/services. The key here is to make sure your prospects know that if they contact you they will get something of value and won’t just be wasting their time. If you can clearly communicate this, turning prospects into leads will be easy.

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