Home Business 10 Tips to Improve Worker Safety and Productivity at a Construction Site

With technology constantly improving, experts have been able to blend ideas and approaches, making sure businesses can give productivity a boost while maintaining a culture built on safety and dependability.

The global workforce is evolving, and building safety systems and procuring newer machinery has become a necessity. These help to mitigate risks, if not negate them altogether and enhance productivity and efficiency at a construction site.

Listed below are 10 tips that can go a long way in improving worker safety and productivity on site.

Chart the workflow

This is where most managers tend to fall behind. Charting out the entire workflow is the beginning of any project. It is the lack of a proper workflow map that explains all the misallocation of resources and mismanagement, and consequently, increased cost of production and sub-par productivity.

Design ergonomic machinery

Working in a factory often warrants holding a particular posture for long hours. This can put your skilled workforce at the risk of developing chronic injuries – both musculoskeletal and stress-related. Moreover, a diverse workforce also means a wider range of needs waiting to be catered to, and consequently, more machines to be introduced and integrated seamlessly.

This can end up derailing future expansion plans, if any. An finance for engineers can help you tide over this otherwise costly process and implement a safe work culture while enabling optimum productivity.

Make use of established safety design tools

Certain safety design tools can contribute towards managing safety life cycles and confirming compliance to the established standards. At the same time, they are expensive.

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Training, and more training

Imparting safety training at a construction site and ensuring workers abide by all the rules is one of the most effective ways you can make your workforce more situationally aware, thereby reducing the likelihood of mishaps.

With the emergence of new methodologies, dated safety procedures have not only been rendered irrelevant, but can also be counterproductive. Therefore, it is imperative that you integrate them in routine operations to promote safety and increase production at a construction site. Update the safety training in line with the new technology and processes.

Make continuous improvement a habit

Continuity is established when workers know how to operate safely. This helps in reducing downtime while recuperating from a setback, thus improving both, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Only if you stay dedicated to the continuous improvement model, will you be able to translate them in to standard operation procedures.

Introduce Lean Construction and the software to implement it

Lean Manufacturing has had overwhelming success with the manufacturing sector. Using the same principles, Lean Construction fuses yesteryears’ best business practices with modern analytics and performance metrics to drive today’s commerce.

But to effortlessly implement Lean Construction in to today’s businesses, you will have to procure dedicated software such as Newforma. While they are usually expensive, Engineer Loans available at competitive engineer loan interest rate, can help implement the technology required, and increase overall organizational productivity.

Maintain updated inventory

It is almost unscientific in today’s day and age to rely on new supplies only when the old batch gets exhausted. This is because the resulting delay will undoubtedly bring down productivity levels. Accurate forecasting of supplies and other materials running out improves chances of your workplace benchmarking employee productivity.

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Give your workforce sufficient breaks

A well-rested body will be more productive than somebody who has been on a job for long hours. Allow considerable resting time to your workforce, so that they can give their best at the site.

Go big on Big Data

Big Data, with the trove of insights and collaboration it brings, is making its relevance felt in the construction sector as well. Though mismanaging data currently seems to be at the root of reduced efficiency, insights that Big Data would generate can then be used to forecast projects and its analysis put to use in improving productivity.

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Promote respect among workforce

Employees are likelier to generate positive results if their efforts are acknowledged with respect and affirmative, encouraging feedback. This will not only help improve productivity but also help with employee retention.

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