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Renting a truck for transporting your belongings and other household stuff to the new place might seem to be a feasible as well as affordable option but in reality, it is not. Never take moving lightly, it is a tricky activity that would need expert hands for moving the belongings safely, efficiently and speedily. Renting a truck means you are simply going to get a transportation service. It will not have anything to do with packing or unpacking and helping you in moving your belongings. If anything happens to your stuff during the transit, the rental company would not take its responsibility.

Truth be truth, packing goods carefully, loading them and then unloading them is not as easy as it seems. You might have many other things on mind and if you have a kids along with you, it is not going to be easy to take care of everything all by yourself. Whether you like it or not, you are going to need professional help.

Prepare Yourself For The Move With Professional Assistance

Take a look at some ways through which a professional moving service can help you:

  • The essential items for living such as toiletries and clothes are packed separately. You have to keep track of these things because even if you don’t unpack everything all at once, you will need them as soon as you land in the new place. Ask the movers to pack them first.  Professionals always suggest to label the boxes so that you know which one to open first.
  • The liquid containers and breakable items need to be packed separately. The professionals pack these items in such a packaging that will keep them safe, making sure they don’t break at all. Delicate items require delicate packing. They are given more than two layers of wrapping material to ensure safety and security. Along with this, filling material is placed in the boxes so that during the transit, the item does not move in the box and gets damaged.
  • Sensitive containers which contain combustible material should be packed separately. Leakages can be damaging, therefore, such items are packed separately.
  • There might be some items that would be more valuable. It is better that you take them in your own personal vehicle so that you are satisfied that they are safe with you. These items can be your personal documents or even jewelry.

Some Other Preparation Tips

Rugs and drapes should not be packed. It is better that you take them to the dry cleaners. Later when you reach your new place, and all the unpacking is done, you can directly pick them up from the dry cleaner’s shop.  You can put them in your new house readily. If they are already clean, you can place them in clean boxes and take them with you in your personal vehicle.

You will have to move your refrigerator too so turn it off before the moving company arrives and get rid of the perishable items. You should not carry these perishable items with you when you can buy them again as you reach the destination.