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A-frames are a remarkable tool for advertising your shop in places where your signs and banners just can’t reach. Whether it’s a crowded street, the side of a road, or even just outside your shop door, A-frames can be highly effective in getting bodies through your doors. That said, there are a few creative uses to get a little extra mileage from your A-frames that you may not have considered.

This is probably a result of the fact that the use of A-frames seems pretty straight forward. You place it in your doorway, your customers see it, and then they walk into your business or into your restaurant. Many times, that may be more or less the jist of it. But this overlooks what you can do if you apply just a little outside-the-box thinking — you just need to look at the very qualities that make a frame so useful as a sign. Principally, its highly mobile nature, economic use of space, and its shape.

To Keep Spaces Reserved

If you need to block off or reserve some space temporarily, a few orange cones would probably work, but consider it an opportunity for your spare signage to do a little work for you. And let’s face it: they’re better to look at than traffic cones. This can be very useful at events such as conventions or fairs, where space and flow are more difficult to control. Just make sure you use that space promptly. In such events, it pays to be considerate and neighbourly towards other stalls and businesses. You can also use the frame to advertise what might be placed in the space being reserved as well.

Barriers and Queues

Directing the flow of traffic or closing off a doorway temporarily is a perfect job for the A-frame. We’ve already addressed that A-frames can be used to block off or reserve spaces, but they can also be used to direct the flow of foot traffic and form queues, without requiring anything too heavy or obtrusive. This also serves to give plenty of space on the signage to communicate the nature of a given event and its time, etc.

Platforms and Supports

A pair of A-frams and a board are all you need for an impromptu table or mobile display. Or maybe you suddenly find the need to expand your display at an event you’re hosting or attending. Obviously take care to use this sort of thing only in cases where a lot of movement or load-bearing aren’t an issue, but with a little creativity, you can solve a problem while increasing your brand exposure.

And that’s really the message here: if you order a new set of A-frames from companies like Quality Sign Designer every time you update your logo, don’t let the old ones gather dust. Keep a few extra on hand — if you put your eye to it, you’ll find that they’re one of your more versatile signs and will always have some life to them.

Christian Mills is a freelance writer and professional student who contributes articles and advice for small business owners.

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