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Good Tips On Office Removals

Sometimes, a business will need the help of a removal company if the business is due to move into new premises. With a plethora of removal companies available, it’s hard for a business owner to decide which one to pick. Here are some tips to guide a business owner during an experienced reliable office move.

1) Speak to Other Business Owners

If you are struggling to decide on a company, why not speak to a fellow business owner? Most owners of businesses would have used office removals companies at least once. Ascertain from them which company gave them the best service and their rates.

2) Research

Do as much research as possible into office removers. Go onto a comparison website to find out the rates that they charge and what services will be included in the quote. Find out what other people have said about the company in question by visiting an impartial website on removers.

3) Get a Quote

It is standard practice in the removals industry for a company to give a free quote. Contact as many companies as possible, obtaining a quote from each. Find out what services is included in the quote and if you wanted to take out additional services, what would you be charged. Out of those companies, pick four, before narrowing it down to a final decision on one of them. Always pick a company who have a wealth of experience in office moves.

Good Tips On Office Removals

4) A Good Plan

It is a good idea to plan for the office move as early as possible. Changes in an office environment can upset employee morale if the move is not implemented correctly.
Start planning for the move at least four months before the move is due to take place.

5) Ask Questions

When you are contacting the office removals companies, ask them as many questions as possible. Are they experienced in handling and installing electrical equipment, such as computers? Will they be able to pack and move the items as well? These are all questions that should be put to the representative of the removal company.

6) Design a Floor Plan

It is imperative that you draw out a floor plan of the new office. Go to the new office space and measure the office space. Decide which items should go where. Once the plan has been drawn up, speak to your staff about it. Garner their opinions and make changes where necessary. When you have decided on the plan, send out the new floor plan to your employees.

7) Label the Equipment Correctly

Where possible, label all the equipment that you intend to take to the new office clearly. Be sure not to label any items or equipment that you do not want to be taken to the new office. It is sensible to place a coloured label on all the equipment which corresponds to the colours used in the floor plan, so that the removal team will know which equipment should be moved to which area of the office. As the move draws near, give a copy of the plan to the removers.

8) Packing Services

Most removal employees are experts in packing any items, so it is best to leave them to do that. They will have their own tape and boxes so that the equipment is packaged securely. Where possible, do not allow employees to lift any heavy equipment. Again, this is the remover’s team responsibility and if the employee ends up getting hurt as a result of lifting heavy machinery then the business will be liable for any injuries incurred.

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