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Are you the owner of a small or medium-sized business? Getting your message out to potential customers (and existing ones) can be tough. However, there’s good news! Some of the oldest and tried and tested methods of promoting your business still work. If you’re offering a product or providing a service – then these advertising methods could work well for your business too – getting people’s attention and letting them know how your business can benefit them.

Effective Marketing For A Small Business

While the world may have gone digital mad in recent years – there’s still a lot to be said for some of the more established yet still efficient methods offered by certain types of printed advertising material.

Promotional Flyers

Flyer printing and leaflet printing are still an efficient and very cost-effective method of communicating with potential customers, especially if you’re a local neighbourhood retail business. Flyers and leaflets allow you to inform people about what your business offers, whether it’s a new product, a new service or simply a special promotional offer they might want to take advantage of. Designing an eye-catching leaflet or flyer is simple, and distribution can be done on a massive scale inexpensively. Flyers and leaflets are also less easy to ignore than online digital ads.

Big Banners

Want something bigger to get people’s attention? Try using a strategically placed banner to advertise your business. Bold colours or an attention-grabbing image on a banner placed at the right spot can expose your business to a lot of passers-by. Erect it directly outside your business, at a busy intersection or any place where it will be seen by people passing by.

Think location. The location of your banner is probably more important than its content. If, for example, you provide a food delivery service, then erecting a banner on an isolated industrial estate where various factories and businesses are located (and those people need to eat lunch) – will probably get a better response than simply putting it outside your business premises if you’re in the high street next to a lot of other food outlets, where people are already aware they can get food. Be creative, where would your banner make the biggest impact?

Printing Services

Whether its flyers, leaflets or banners you decide will work best for your business, do some research and speak to some printing companies such as eazy print about the range of printing services they offer. Look for innovative design, competitive pricing, and above all – good quality products and service.

If you want to get better results for your business this year, plan how you can creatively incorporate flyers, leaflets and banners into your marketing strategies – these highly effective advertising tools will allow your business to expand its reach and connect you with more with your community.

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