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Cloud Software Anyone Can Use

The best thing about cloud software compendium is that they are not meant for some specific faction. Anyone can use them and leverage the immense benefits they offer. A school, a college, a small organization or a large multinational corporation all can harness the tremendous potential and boons, which are a part and parcel of cloud family. In this regard, SharePoint Online and Cloud Desktop are two viable solutions that everyone should be aware of.

What is SharePoint Online?

In a nutshell, SharePoint Online is a service housed in the cloud which makes collaboration between employees, students, partners or even customers extremely easy. It makes various forms of data like documents, media files, presentations etc., available anywhere even through mobile devices. SharePoint Online has various salient features; some of the most prominent ones are as follows:

Project Management

Cloud Software Anyone Can Use

It wouldn’t be farfetched to claim that SharePoint Online is a heaven sent gift for project management. Irrespective of the nature of business, a team can use SharePoint Online to effectively and efficiently manage their projects. It ensures that all the collaborators and participants of a project are always up to date with the latest developments and information about the project. The information shared, reused and circulated can be used to collectively make business critical decisions.

Document Management

The sheer amount of paper work that comes with a widely collaborated project is a real burden to deal with. Managing remote access, controlling versions and accommodating changes made by various collaborators, and security of the content being shared are concerns that can literally delay the successful execution of a project. With SharePoint Online users can utilize document libraries where documents can be shared using familiar tools such as Microsoft Office, Visio, Outlook and PowerPoint. All the aforementioned concerns are dealt with by the administrator panel using simple clicks.

Cost Saving

Last but certainly not the least, SharePoint Online allows cost cutting like no other. It provides a simplified and collective platform which dispenses the need to optimize any other third party solution to manage critical team activities. Utilities like putting up a team website for centralized collaboration, provision of intranet and extranet are endeavors which save a lot of revenue and cut down the budget spent on IT needs. Visit https://www.cloudappsportal.com for having your own customized SharePoint Online solution configured and delivered by experts on competitive costs.

Another viable cloud solution that anyone can use is Cloud Desktop. It entails services where hardware and software instances are virtualized and delivered to the clients. These services can be accessed from anywhere with the help of an internet connection. The salient advantages of using a cloud desktop are as follows:

Access from anywhere on the go even!

The first and foremost benefit of cloud desktop is being able to access hardware and software resources without having to worry about physical or geographical location. Imagine employees remotely accessing virtualized instances of their work desktops with all the applications and hardware power at their disposal. This is possible even using mobile devices and on the go. It’s an ideal solution for companies and organizations which have employees working in distant locations.

Cost cutting 

Using cloud desktop an organization can cut costs on various fronts. It can save the expenditure of optimizing costly local machines and equipping them with equally costly software and acquiring licenses. It can dispense with the need of having a specialized team of IT people on location to maintain servers and workstations. Lastly, if there’s a need to upgrade hardware and software to accommodate change,s simply informing the service provider will suffice instead of overhauling the entire IT structure.

Better security

Cloud desktop is synonymous with better security. Since no data is residing on local machines there’s no fear of it getting stolen or hacked. On the service providers side the data is protected under various layers of encryption and is regularly backed up to ensure integrity in case of an unforeseen event.

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